Saddleback Valley Trails

Vol 7 No 12 Editor: Gail Gilbert December 1999

South Orange County California Genealogical Society

 P. O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo, CA. 92690

Monthly meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to Noon at the Mission Viejo Family History Center Institute Building, 27978 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo, between Medical Center Drive and Hillcrest Drive. Membership is open to anyone wishing to join. Yearly membership fees are $20 per calendar year for individuals, $25 for joint membership. SOCCGS is not affiliated with the LDS Family History Center.


18 December 1999 Instead of our regular meeting, we will have our Installation of Officers for the year 2000, followed by our Annual Holiday Party. Everyone is asked to bring his or her favorite "holiday treat", and beverages will be provided. Come and get acquainted with other members.

15 January 2000 Toni Perrone will once again be our Guest Speaker. In March 1999, Toni spoke on "General German Research." This time Toni will speak on "General Italian Research."


28-29 January 2000 The San Diego Genealogical Society will present GENTECH 2000, "Bridging the Centuries: Bringing Genealogy and Technology Together", at the San Diego Concourse Convention Center. For more information: (888) 5222-7313,, or website where a full list of class descriptions is posted. This looks like one we shouldn't miss and it's just a short drive down the freeway, - or anyone for Amtrak!

26 February 2000 The Whittier Area Genealogical Society will have Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck speaking on "Research in the Heartland TX, OK, KS, NE, MO. Information: (562) 695-5431.

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No Safaris were scheduled for November or December. However, this does not stop some of our dedicated members from "hitting the road." In spite of the 4th Wednesday landing on the day before Thanksgiving, Iris Graham and Janet Franks planned to visit, on their own, the SCGS library in Burbank and the SAR library in Glendale. So, if you want to visit libraries, check around in advance. Some of our members may already be going and enjoy your company. For scheduled Safaris, call Rich Faber, our Safari Chairman, at (949) 364-0745 or simply appear at the FHC parking lot at 9:30 am on the 4th Wed. of the month to join the Safari.


A unanimous ballot was cast at our November meeting, electing the following slate of officers for the year 2000.

President - Judy Deeter

Vice President - Karyn Schumaker

Recording Secretary - Jeanne Barrett

Corresponding Secretary - Iris Graham

Treasurer - Ruby White

We look forward to the Millennium Year under their leadership.


John Smith has announced that the review and revision of the society's by-laws has been completed. It is required that they be presented to the entire membership for approval, so watch for them possibly in your next newsletter. The revisions will be voted on at the January general meeting.


Dues are now being accepted for the coming year by our membership chairman, Iris Graham. Simply cut off the renewal form at the end of this newsletter and send with your check to SOCCGS, P.O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo, CA 92690-4513. Your mailing label should still be on the back of the form, so you only need to make note of any changes. Please pay promptly so our membership chairman doesn't have to send reminders.


The speaker for the November meeting was our own Tom Hruska, and his talk on research in Czechoslovakia was quite a drawing card. Several of the 8 guests came specifically to hear him. Thank you, Tom, for a most informative and enjoyable lecture.


Have you heard of the USGenWeb Census Project? It was started in February 1997 with the mission of transcribing all of the U. S. Federal Censuses and putting them on the internet. The URL for the project is

Two of our members have become involved with this project. Herb Abrams transcribed the 705 lines of the 1860 San Juan Capistrano census, and Judy Deeter proofread the information before it was submitted to the project. San Juan Township was part of Los Angeles County at that time. Orange County didn't come into existence until 1889. Most of the people had Spanish names and many gave their occupation as vaqueros or herdsmen. There were also many Indians that were shown with only first names. Reading it gives us a window into the history of our local area. This census is now online at


Mary Ellen Lytle read in the Los Angeles Times, "11/19/99: Your Life Will Never Be This Odd Again." The next time the date will be made up of all odd digits will be 1/1/3111.

All even digits will occur on 2/2/2000 and that hasn't happened since 8/8/888.

Some more oddities from Iris Graham who read in the paper that "Centuries ago authorities (in the Dutch Province of Friesland) taxed in proportion to the lengths of payers' names." This explains why almost all the people in Friesland today have very short, single-syllable names.


YEAR END REPORT FOR 1999 by Betty McKenzie, Librarian

Library Additions: Books and CDs purchased with 50/50 Donations and Funds 34

Books and CDs purchased with Penny Basket Fund 30

Books and CDs and periodicals donated 316

Total 380


A huge thank you to the following docents who have been volunteering at the library in our genealogy section since the library opened two years ago: Herb Abrams, Liz Allen, Jeanne Barrett, John Cullings, Janet Franks, Shirley Fraser, Eugenia Gannon, Iris Graham, Beverly Long, Ruth Loustaunau, Maxine Mason, Kathie Mauzey, Pat McCoy, Betty McKenzie, Diane Miller, Helen Swanson, and Pat Weeks.

A big welcome to our recent volunteers: Cathy Elias, Bill Judd, Doug Nowlin, Linda Pardee, Lee Terry, Nancy Thorne, Rubie White, and Jim Willit.

Our gratitude to our other dedicated volunteers who serve faithfully as docents each week: Bob Culp, Rich Faber, Becky Hutchison, Mary Jo McQueen, Sharon Robison, and Barbara Walling.

We have lost several truly dedicated volunteer docents over the last several months due to illness, family obligations and moving out of the area: Ken Bosworth, Pat Hruska, Sheryl Fisher, Paula Roberts, John Smith, and Lowell Smith. We really miss you!

I would also like to acknowledge our substitutes, some of whom are really being overworked: Jeanne Barrett, Rich Faber, Laura Mitchell, Jean Nibecker, Micky Scholte, Ruth Sheean, Barbara Smith and Barbara Wilgus. As you see, the list is very short and, of course, some are not always available due to travel or other obligations. We need more substitutes. If you can spare a few hours, we can use you!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


50/50 Purchases

1. Prairie Pioneers of Illinois, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 by Illinois State Genealogical Society

2. Collecting Vermont Ancestors, by Alice Eichholz

3. Minnesota Genealogical Journal Every Name Index to Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, by Alfred Dahlquist

4. A Gazetteer of Illinois, by J. M. Peck

Books Purchased by SOCCGS from Book Fund

1. Arkansas 1850 Census Every-Name Index, by Allen & McLane

2. Records of the Proprietors of Narranganset Township, #1, now Buxton, Maine, by Buxton-Hollis Historical Society

3.Calendar of N.Y. Colonial Manuscripts Indorsed Land Papers 1643-1803, by E. B. O'Calaghan

4. Kentucky Marriage Records from the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society

5. 30,638 Burials in Georgia, by Jeannette Austin

6. Pioneer Families of the Midwest, Vol. 1 & 3, by Blanche Walden

7. Passengers and Ships Prior to 1684, Penn's Colony: Vol. 1, by Walter Sheppard, Jr.

8. Kentucky Land Warrants, for the French, Indian, & Revolutionary Wars, by Samuel Wilson

9. Georgia Intestate Records, by Jeannette Austin

10. The Reconstructed 1790 Census of Georgia, Substitutes for Georgia's Lost 1790 Census, by Marie De Lamar & Elisabeth Rothstein

11. Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds, by Willard Jillson

12. Petitions of the Early Inhabitants of Kentucky to the General Assembly of Virginia 1769- 1792, by James Robertson

13. A List of the Early Settlers of Georgia, by E. Merton Coulter and Albert Saye

14. Pioneers and Residents of West Central Alabama Prior to the Civil War, by Madge Pettit

15. 1770 & 1790 Census of the Cumberland Settlements, Davidson, Sumner and Tennessee Counties (In What is Now Tennessee), by Richard Fulcher

16. Mississippi Court Records from the files of the High Court of Errors and Appeals, 1799 -1859, by Mary Hendrix

17. Origins of New Mexico Families, A Genealogy of the Spanish Colonial Period, by Fray Angelico Chavez

18. Saddleback Ancestors, Rancho Families of Orange County California, Revised Edition by Orange County California Genealogical Society

19. Births, Deaths and Marriages on California's Mendocino Coast, Vol. 2, 1910-1919, by Mendocino Coast Genealogical Society

20. Arkansas Township Digest: Minor Civil Divisions, 1820-1990, by Desmond Allen

21. Arkansas Marriage Notices 1819-1845, by James Morgan

22. Arkansas Marriage Notices 1808-1835, by James Morgan

23. Declarations of Intention (1847-1852) of 262 Minnesota Pioneers, by James Erickson

24. Early Presbyterian Church Records from Minnesota 1835-1871, by Mary Bakeman

25. Indiana Territorial Pioneer Records 1801-1815, Vols. 1, 2, 3, by Charles Franklin

26. Michigan Military Records, by Sue Silliman

27. Pre-1882 Indiana Births from Secondary Sources, Vol. 1, by Dawne Slater-Putt

28. Pioneers of Superior, Wisconsin, by Ronald Mershart.

29. A Few Good Men of Wisc. Including Biographical Sketches and Early County Histories

30. Combined History of Edwards, Lawrence and Wabash Counties, Illinois and separate Index

31. San Jacinto Valley (CA) Past and Present. by Hemet-San Jacinto Genealogical Society

32. Historical Atlas of Ohio, by Henry Walling

33. Historical Atlas of Illinois, by Union Atlas CompanyVillage Plats

34. Historical Atlas of Wisconsin with State and County Maps, City & Village Plats


Our Web Master, Herb Abrams, has been busy gathering a lot of very useful information for us, some of which follows.

1. Ordering articles found in PERSI, website:

To obtain copies of articles in the PERSI index, contact the Allen County Public Library Foundation, P.O. Box 2270, Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2270. Send the form from this website describing the articles to be copied, the full entry from PERSI and the name of the journal. Request only six articles at a time. The charge is $7.50 for each letter, pre-paid, plus $0.20 per page copied to be billed to you. Requests not acceptable by phone, fax, or e-mail. Please allow 6-8 weeks. You can print out the order form from

2.A Great free resource for research, the Encyclopedia Britannica website.

3. How many relatives do you have? Herb says he counts 21 generations from himself, so figuring 28 years per generation that takes us back to year 1342. What was the population of the world at that time? Using the website, he found that there was a population in 1342 of about 443 million. Can you figure out how many of those were relatives? Only 1 YOU

2 parents

4 grandparents

8 great grandparents

16 gg grandparents

32 ggg grandparents

64 gggg grandparents

128 ggggg grandparents

256 gggggg grandparents

512 ggggggg grandparents

1,024 gggggggg grandparents

2,048 ggggggggg grandparents

4,096 gggggggggg grandparents

8,192 ggggggggggg grandparents

16,184 gggggggggggg grandparents

32,768 ggggggggggggg grandparents

65,536 gggggggggggggg grandparents

131,072 ggggggggggggggg grandparents

262,144 gggggggggggggggg grandparents

524,288 ggggggggggggggggg grandparents

1,048,576 gggggggggggggggggg grandparents

2,097,152 ggggggggggggggggggg grandparents

Is it any wonder that we spend so much time on genealogy?



The October and November newsletters from the Genealogical Society of North Orange County, CA provided some interesting information worth repeating for our members on Civil War research. You can find out if a photo exists of your Civil War ancestor by simply entering his surname. Any photo of a soldier with that surname with his regiment will be presented for your selection. E-mail your choice and the Army will send you a free photocopy of the picture.The website is .

For those not on-line, the U.S. Military History Institute has a database of 80,000 photos of Civil War soldiers, indexed by name. Call (717) 245-3434 for a while-you-wait search or write Michael J. Winey, Curator, Dept. of Army, Military History Institute, C. Barracks, Carlisle, PA, 17013-5008 and they will send you a copy if a photo is found.

Also, the following definitions, which originally appeared in the Delaware Gen., Spring 1997, may help researchers in understanding some military terms:

Company - about 100 men Regiment - about 10 companies

Brigade - two or more regiments

Division - two or more brigades

Corps - two or more divisions

Army - two or more corps

Enlistment- date joining state regiment

Muster - after training, date the unit was accepted into Federal service

Muster Out - date regiment was released from active service

Thank you GSNOCC for the above very useful information for Civil War researchers.



From RootsWeb Review, Vol. 2, No. 45:

"As of today (Nov.17), RootsWeb users have uploaded more than 5.3 million names of their ancestors to the RootsWeb WorldConnect GEDCOMs are being uploaded at the rate of one million names per week." You can search the names already uploaded at


For those of you interested in creating your own family website, be sure to look into sponsored by Ancestry, Inc. You can create your own site and control who is allowed to view it. Thus, it offers a degree of privacy for chatting and sharing genealogy, news and photos with family members or those you invite to membership. And it's free! Our Gilbert family is planning to try this, and I will let you know in a future newsletter how it turns out.


The Federation of Genealogical Societies and Utah Genealogical Association will present "A World of Records - FGS/UGA 2000" on Sept. 6-9, 2000, in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Salt Palace Convention Center, located within a half-block of the Family History Library. There will be over 130 presentations, 60 national and inter-national genealogical professional speakers, and 200 booths of products and services. The focus of the conference is "Rediscovering Old Millennial Sources with New Millennial Techniques", and it sounds like a good one to attend. For additional information visit the FGS website at

or the UGA website at or call 888-FGS-1500.


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