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South Orange County California Genealogical Society

Vol. 16 No. 11

P.O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo, CA. 92690

November 2009

Editor: Mary Jo McQueen

Monthly meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to Noon at the Mission Viejo Family History Center Institute Building, 27978 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo, between Medical Center Drive and Hillcrest Drive. Membership is open to anyone interested in genealogy. Individual membership fees are $20 per calendar year, $25 for joint membership.
SOCCGS is not affiliated with the LDS Family History Center.

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General Meeting – 21 November 2009

Presented By
William Bluett

In November we anticipate another great presentation from our own, Bill Bluett. In past presentations he has proven to be an interesting and extremely informative speaker. His topic this time will be of interest to every family history researcher, since digital archives are being added to the Internet at a phenomenal rate. Nearly every state in the union has at least one site available, which offers access to documents of genealogical, historical, or cultural significance. Many can be accessed at no cost. Bill will give examples of some free sites and what each has available for researchers. Finding major listings of websites with digitized documents will also be discussed.

Bill is a native Southern Californian and has lived in San Clemente for over 32 years. His interest in genealogy began just prior to his retirement in 2001. He has been a member of SOCCGS since 1999, and has served as President, Vice President, Safari Chairman, library docent, and Seminar Coordinator. He serves on the board of the San Clemente Historical Society and on the board of deacons at San Clemente Presbyterian Church.

Seminar Wrap-Up
~Bill Bluett - Seminar Chairman

The 2009 Genealogical Seminar was a rousing success! We had 115 folks tuned-in to four most interesting and informative presentations. Paula Stuart-Warren’s topic choices were excellent and the syllabus is packed with pages of valuable information and resources. Paula’s subject matter was presented a thorough and easy-to-understand manner. All those in attendance went away with a long list of helpful resources and ideas for refining their own research techniques. To the delight of those present, numbers were drawn for thirty-one door prizes. The food and refreshments were excellent and very nicely displayed. There was a buzz of activity around the vendor tables during breaks and lunch. Finally, I must say that all volunteers did a superb job in setting up and hosting our event. “Thank You” to everyone who assisted in putting our seminar together. Good job!

Let’s do it again next year!

President's Message

~Sandy Crowley

I hope all the attendees at our October Seminar, featuring Paula Stuart-Warren, had as much fun as I did and learned a lot to help with their research. We do have fun at these Seminars, all the while learning. Paula covered some great topics and had extensive source lists for us to work with. “Thank You” to vice President, Bill Bluett, who was instrumental in planning and directing this huge event. I received many comments from guests, who said our SOCCGS group was very involved; with many members pitching in to make this event possible.. I think that’s why we have such a great day. Many folks roll up their sleeves to help in lots of ways, have fun and make friends.

A lot of genealogists within driving distance of SOCCGS are able to enjoy being able to hear some top-notch genealogy speakers each October at reasonable prices, as well as having an enjoyable day among like-minded friends. Since the seminars were first thought of and begun by Mary Jo McQueen several years ago, we have been able to provide this community event for the enjoyment of the many genealogists.

Hope to see you at our November SOCCGS meeting. If you can, please bring an unwrapped toy to this meeting to benefit the children of the Camp Pendleton, 1/11th Marines. Gifts may be for ages “tiny baby” to teens. Gift Cards are welcome. Member Karyn Schumaker volunteers fund-raising for the Marines, and will see that the toys are delivered in time for them to be assigned to individual families; wrapped and delivered before Christmas.  Questions? Karyn may be reached at (949) 248-0662.

Ways & Means Projects

The SOCCGS tables at the Seminar were very successful. Following are the amounts raised at each table: book sales, $181.05; ancestral tablets and genealogy handbooks, $144; jewelry table, $90.50.

Bill Bluett won the Quilt!

Helen Bluett was thrilled with the beautiful quilt Bill brought home from the seminar. Perhaps he should have bought a lottery ticket on his way home! This year the quilt project raised $402 for the SOCCGS Genealogy Library. Thank you to all who donated by buying tickets!

Syllabus For Sale

The Paula Stuart-Warren Seminar Syllabus is being reprinted. This booklet is an extremely thorough genealogy guide. There are sixteen pages of notes, references and resources encompassing the four topics she covered at the seminar. They will be available for purchase at the November meeting. The cost is $2.50 each. Such a bargain!


Our newest members are Marianne Prible and Barbara Ganter. Marianne is searching for information regarding PRIBLE (Lithuania), HOSCHEK and DVORSCHAK (Austria), DANUS (possibly Lithuania). Her email is:

Websites of Interest to Genealogists
  This is a free website. Click on the state to search the available death indexes. Some states have gaps in years. Good for searching pre-1940 death records.
  Prison records for Leavenworth, Kansas Penitentiary, 1895–1931.  Note: Your editor found her uncle! Records are on the way.
  Search here. Use the search box for specific terms and also check the holdings of the regional locations for US Federal Government Research Resources

There are no Genealogy Safaris during November & December.
Join us on January 27 for the annual trip to the LA Public Library.

Ancestry World Archives Project
David Flint – Ways & Means Chairman

The SOCCGS Board of Directors recently approved the Society’s participation in the Ancestry World Archives Project. This is a collaborative effort with and local genealogy societies across the United States to index and preserve millions of records that might otherwise not be available to the public. This will be a service project for our Society, and an opportunity for all of us to give back something to a larger community of people, like ourselves, who are interested in genealogy, and seeking records for our own family history.

The project we are sponsoring is the California, U.S. Naturalization Records - Original Documents, 1795-1972 (San Diego and Los Angeles). Other genealogy societies are also working on this project, which, at the time of this writing, was about 23% complete. Our participation will help move the project along and get more of these records indexed and available online for everyone to use.

All members are invited to participate in this project, which you can do at home on your own computer. All you need to do is register for the project and download the special software from to do the indexing entries. “Ancestry” will provide the records to be indexed. This is all done online. provides tutorials and video training sessions on it’s website.

For more general information about the World Archives Project you may go to At this website you can also watch a video tutorial on how the project works, and you may register for the project and get started by downloading the free, easy-to use keying program from When you register you will be asked, “What made you decide to participate in the World Archives Project?” When you reply, please select “I learned about it from a genealogical society” and in the free text area type “South Orange County California Genealogical Society” or “SOCCGS” so that Ancestry knows you are associated with our group on this project. To see more information about this specific project go to

The Ancestry World Archives Project is a collaborative effort that has allowed thousands of people around the world to help preserve history that would otherwise be lost. Would you like to give back to the genealogy community? Help families discover more of their stories and share them with future generations?

The Ancestry World Archives Project will help to bring free historical record collections to the public. Contributors become the first to see new collections as you type in information that creates searchable record indexes. Anyone can participate by accessing record images in the project and entering relevant names, dates and other facts to make the information searchable online.

As part of the World Archives Project all indexes will remain free to the public on In addition, will donate copies of record indexes, and the record images, to our society. Images and indexes from the project will be available for free to patrons at thousands of subscribing libraries across the U.S. SOCCGS name and website will also be linked to the project on

Please consider joining in this project, and invite any of your genealogy friends to participate. This will provide a valuable service to the larger genealogy community, and will preserve important records for use in family history research.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact David Flint. You will also find more information on our website at Remember, an easy way to access the website is to type SOCCGS into Google.

A Research Tip from Paula Stuart-Warren

Using the keyword search in the Family History Library’s online catalog ( you can search for many types of records. Also, under the general category of the United States or your state, county, or city name you can find these categories:
  • For Occupations, check the category of “Business records and commerce.”
  • For Religious Resources, check the categories of “Church history” and “ Church records.”
  • For Diaries and Journals check under your locality and the category of “history.” Using printed or online lists of diaries you may find an author’s name to use in an author search of the FHLC.
  • For Coroners Records, check the categories of “Vital records” and Court record.”


~Diane Hearne

John George Schrader (1848-1927)

Charles Christopher Rosenberg (1855-1918)

Paternal Great Grandfather

(Rosey/Rosie) Maternal Great Grandfather

August 2009,

Dear Great Greats,

May I call you Rosey and John? I’ve already written about another of my four great grandfathers, Charles Colley, who came to this country in 1905 from Wales. No offense, but the fourth, Levi Franklin Walters, he of the battle of Gettysburg, supposed inventor of pink lemonade, circus worker and director of an opera house, will have his very own letter. The two of you had so much in common, I want to write and tell you about it.

Both of your parents emigrated from Germany. Rosey, your parents, George and Rosina Rosenberger left Frankfurt and arrived in the US aboard the ship New York, August 1, 1854 settling in West Portal, New Jersey. Your birth on February 5, 1855 followed shortly thereafter which makes me feel so sorry for your mother, Rosina Rolle Rosenberger, who was probably pregnant on the high seas. The census lists your father as a farm or occupational laborer in the 1860s through the 1880s. By 1880 you had dropped the final “er” from your name, much easier to say, I imagine. Your wife, Louisa Garrison Welch, was, I believe of English origin. One of my great genealogical goals is to discover where the Welch’s and the Garrisons came from. I’m dying to know the story of your meeting and courting Louisa.

John, your father, Louis Henry Schrader (1800-1875) arrived in New York as Ludwig Heinrich in 1837 from Hanover and settled first in Cincinnati and then Lawrenceburg, Indiana on the Ohio River where he was a cabinet maker. Near Cincinnati, he married Judith Myers, from Germany also, probably Württemberg. Your wife, Mary Elizabeth Steele, comes from another of my “brick wall” families. I think her father was of English origin and her mother, Irish. Sometimes I get really frustrated not knowing the answers to these questions. Who did your father know in Ohio? Did he have relatives or friends who told him that Cincinnati was a booming area for furniture making?

The major difference in your lives is that you, John, served briefly in the Civil War, joining at the age of 15. Levi Franklin Walters, the great grandfather mentioned earlier had the same distinction. Rosey, luckily you were too young at approximately six to ten years old to enlist.

As you both remember, railroads began to take the place of horse drawn carriages and canals in the 1830s and became the main means of transportation by the 1860s.

Rosey, you left school at age 14 (1869) to learn a trade (legally today, you would be too young to leave school).and became a carpenter’s apprentice until you began work on the Lehigh Valley Railroad as a carpenter in 1875. I picture you a young Oliver Twist or David Copperfield slaving away in the home of a master carpenter. I’ve been unable to find you listed in the 1870 Census, which might provide more clues. The rest of your career is summarized in your obituary:

“Two years later he was made foreman and in 1880 he was appointed supervisor of bridges and buildings. Railroad signaling was then in its infancy the Lehigh Valley was one of the pioneers. Mr. Rosenberg kept his eyes and ears open and as the first signals, primitive in design, were put under his supervision he grew with the art, and in 1896 was appointed signal engineer for the system. Prior to this, however – 1890 – he had been superintendent of the creosoting plant of the company at Perth Amboy where he stayed for two years.

From 1892-1896 he was again supervisor of bridges and buildings in the territory between Jersey City, NJ and Mauch Chunk, PA, which included important docks at New York harbor. He was one of the earliest members of the Railway Signaling Club, now the Railway Signal Association and his name is prominent in the proceedings throughout the life of the association. He was its vice-president in 1900 and its president in 1901 and 1902. He retired from railroad work in 1906, having been in the service of the Lehigh Valley continuously for 31 years, and in the same year he was appointed secretary of the Railway Signal Association. His popularity and efficiency as a secretary are everywhere attested.”

Somehow, I never imagine my ancestors traveling far from their homes except maybe to move across a county or state border. Interesting then to read, Rosey that you participated in a meeting of your organization in Detroit in 1903 and in 1906 you were elected Secretary-Treasurer by unanimous vote at the Washington D.C. annual meeting. I read that you were an honorary member of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers and they passed a vote of condolence at their meeting in London on April 11, 1918. (You weren’t there, but they knew your name!) In 1934, Uncle Ray says in his journal: “Grandma got out post cards from her 1915 California trip which was amusing.” So I guess you must have gone all the way to California courtesy of the railroads, Great Grandfather. (This story will continue next month.)

Helpful Suggestions, Extraordinary Results

~Patricia Ann (Dean) Christiansen

Without exception, there has not been an article I’ve read, a training session or seminar attended, that I have not come away with at least one new idea that enhances my genealogical research; to have found two in one sitting is a real bonus. Then comes my part -- the follow through -- and most hints have provided good if not great results.

Recently, while attending a South Orange County California Genealogical Society meeting, I heard Kathleen Roe Trevena, speak on the topic, “Crossing a Continent: Migration between the Revolution and the Civil War.” Toward the end of her remarks, Ms. Trevena suggested that we should “Google an ancestor’s name and see what comes up.” Her suggestion was offered so that we might be able to better track the migration of our ancestor(s). That simple proposition was put into my helpful hint suggestion box.

The next day, I initiated a search for my great uncle, Hugh Daugherty Potter. (He was born, 18 October 1860 in Lynnville, Morgan County, Illinois; died, 15 July 1947 in Southland, Garza County, Texas). The fact that Uncle Hugh was born in Illinois was the key for the windfall of information that followed.

Near the top of the Google list of options was the Urbana Free Library Historical and Genealogical Name Index. It appeared that every Potter who ever touched Illinois soil (from 1813 forward), or breathed Illinois air, or was born, died, married, divorced, served in the military, involved with land purchases and sales, inheritances or disinheritance, or was in a high school yearbook in Champaign County, Illinois was included in this all-encompassing list. In many references, other counties were also included.

Each time I wanted to return to the list of Potters putting in Uncle Hugh’s full name didn’t always work. Eventually, I learned that the same Google options don’t come up in the same order so I dropped the full name and used the Potter surname along with “Urbana Free Library.” Then I was able to resume researching the list. Eventually, I stopped all that and just put the site on my Favorites List. Sometimes I’m a slow learner.

The hours sped by as one “find” after another popped up on the screen. One day, I spent almost 18 hours in front of the computer; only interrupting my research long enough to eat and freshen up.

Having been in this situation before, while researching an extensive ancestral line found in Ohio, I created a filing and retention system the hard way … after the fact. It is always wise to embrace or establish a system for recalling, and later evaluation, before you are bombarded with information. Relying solely on memory just does not work! My earlier mistake with the Ohio research allowed me to put my system into practice.

After three weeks, garnering two hundred, plus, names, seventeen family groups, and dozens of Census pages, the gleaning of my windfall is still not complete. Life has gotten in the way with a multitude of summer visitors; bill paying, watering new plantings, church assignments, a small part in the musical, “Sound of Music,” housework and the ever-mounting pile of laundry. All have taken their toll on my research time.

Of course, not all the names I have found are from direct lines; most are collateral individuals. However, the beauty about collaterals is that they often lead you back to your direct lines with more information. That was indeed the case here.

“New” Ralphs Program Instructions

Ralphs has provided updated instructions for registering to participate in the Community Contribution Program. These instructions are more complete than those previously given, and you might find them easier to follow.

If you have a Ralphs Rewards Card you may register for this program. Through their Community Contribution Program, Ralphs will donate to SOCCGS a portion of the cash register receipt total for shoppers with a Ralphs Rewards Card. The amount donated to SOCCGS varies from 1% to 4% of the total amount you spend each time you shop at Ralphs.

This annual program runs from September 1 through August 31. If you registered for the program before August 31 of this year, it is now time to renew your participation and re-designate SOCCGS to receive your donations. Please go to the SOCCGS website at and click on the Ralphs Project link to get the new instructions. Then go to the Ralphs website and follow those instructions to renew your registration or to register for the first time. We invite you to participate in this program to help raise money for the SOCCGS.

David Flint – Ways & Means Chairman

New Acquisitions at the SOCCGS Genealogy Library

~Bunny Smith, Librarian

Purchased by SOCCGS: Trace your Roots with DNA, Using Tests to Explore Your Family Tree, by Smolenyak & Turner

Donations from Glenn & Maureen Witte, Rex Ketter and Eugene Cramer:
Two additions to the Family History section: The Van Matre Ancestry by Vincent M Van Matre and
The Howard Family by The American Genealogical Research Institute
Texas: Fredericksburg, Texas; The First Fifty Years by Wisserman,
Pioneers in God's Hills, Vol II, by Gillesip County, Texas Historical Society
Records of Der Friedhof Cemetery by Lindig (Historic German Pioneer Cemetery located in Fredericksburg)
Kirchen-Bush Church Records of the Verins-Kirche 1849-1870 by Gillesip County, Texas Historical Society
More Texas: Coleman County Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. I by Gates & Terry
County History Books:
Mason County, Georgia Communities by The Mason County Committee
Elbert County, Georgia Heritage 1790-1997 by Elbert Heritage Committee
Frazee County, Minnesota Centennial 1891-1991 by The Frazee Community Club
New Section for Pomerania: Pomeranian Culture and Genealogy by Freistadt and Pomerania, It’s People and It’s History by Boehile
German Research: Germanic Genealogy, A Guide To Worldwide Sources and Migration Patterns by The Germanic Genealogy Society.
Germans to America 300 years of Immigration by The Max Kade Institute
Early German Immigrants in Wisconsin by Levi & Faust
Civil War Records CD

Program Suggestions Are Needed

Program chairman, Bill Bluett, is working on the calendar for 2010. He is requesting that members email him if they have a particular area of interest, preferably a topic not previously presented. Speaker suggestions are also welcome. (

Hospitality Hostess Sign-Ups

A sign-up list for 2010 will be available at the November 21st meeting. Three hostesses are needed for each meeting. Two bring goodies and one provides the water and lemonade. They also assist the Hospitality Chairman in setting up. Please think about volunteering. We love our goodies!

Read about the “Marines Christmas Gifts Project” in the President’s Message
Please try to participate!


November 11 – Veterans Day Program, El Toro Memorial Park, Lake Forest, 11 a.m. For information: (949) 951-8244.
November 14 – San Diego Genealogical Society presents an seminar at the Handlery Hotel & Resort. Information and registration form:
March 13 – Genealogy Society of North Orange County California presents “Family History for Fun and Profit” featuring Arlene H. Eakle, Ph.D. Brea United Methodist Church. Pre-register by March 6. Information: (714) 777-2379 or

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