Saddleback Valley Trails

Vol 3 No 9 Editor: Pat Weeks September 1996

South Orange County California Genealogical Society

P. O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo, CA 92629


Monthly meetings are scheduled for the third Saturday of each month and are held from 10:00 a.m. to Noon at the Norman P. Murray Community Center, 24932 Veterans Way, Mission Viejo CA.

21 September 1996 Barbara A. Renick is our guest speaker this month, and will talk about "What to Do When the Courthouse Burns". Barbara is very experienced in both research and in teaching. Should be a wonderful meeting.

12 October 1996 Mimi Holtzman from the Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research will speak on Spanish history and heritage. Even if you have no Spanish lines, this topic will contain rich local history for us here in South Orange County.

Please note !!! The date has been changed for this meeting from the usual 3rd Saturday to the 2nd Saturday.

16 November 1996 Mr. Everett Ireland, President of the North San Diego Gen. Society will give instructions on documentation of records in his presentation titled "Is That Evidence Really Primary"

21 December 1996 Installation of Officers and our gala Christmas Party.

18 January 1997 Mrs. Pat Hall, past President of the North San Diego Co. Gen. Soc. will discuss newspaper research.


7 September 1996 Ground breaking for the new Mission Viejo City Library, at 10:00 a.m., Marguerite Parkway and La Paz. (John Smith was just kidding when he suggested you bring your own shovel)

21-22 September 1996 San Diego Gen Society's 50th Anniversary Celebration and First Annual Family History Fair, with speakers, vendors, etc.

Scottish Rite Center, 1895 Camino Del Rio South in Mission Valley.

24 September 1996 Hi-Desert Gen Soc. Regular meeting. Donna Wright speaking on the PERSI 7:00 P.M., 11000

Apple Valley Rd., Apple Valley CA.

9 November 1996 German Gen. Society of America and Scripps College. Speaker Ernest Thode will discuss German surnames and how to locate hard-to-find German place names. 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Bette C. Edwards Humanities Bldg, Scripps College, Claremont CA. Call (818)444-4395 or (714)671-5982


The following persons have joined our Society:

Neil M. Daniels

Beverly A. Thornton

Guests at our August meeting were Kay Stanton, Charles Anderson, Edna Haverland, Mary Grishgoff, Don and Karen Smith, and Doris Walker.

The following members have renewed their membership: Edythe Gwinn, Alice R. Catalyne.

Safari Plans

On September 25th the group will be heading to the Pomona Public Library, which this editor hears is a major genealogical library with California history section, CW records, etc. She is going, to find more about C.C.Caves, a relative of her husband, who had the misfortune to be installed as the mayor of Pomona on April Fools Day, 1929. What a rough first year old C.C. must have had!


Pat Stafford, who has been acting as our Librarian for the past two years, has announced that she will no longer be able to carry this responsibility, and so we are looking for any member to volunteer for this position. Pat reports that the books can remain at her home. She also reports that generous members have helped in filling out the complete set of the Genealogical Helper presently in our holdings. Thanks to all who helped


We regret to report that member Helen Watson passed away July 18, 1996. Our condolences to her family.


Our sincere thanks to the Colonial Dames Society who recently made a monetary donation, which will be placed in the library fund for future books.


Ever wanted to know how to make genograms? Ever wanted to know what the heck they were? Well, guest Kay Stanton announced at our meeting that she was offering a class on constructing genograms, a method of representing several generations of family members in a single diagram.With dates, locations, occupations, etc added, intergenerational influences and patterns can be seen. This provides new insights in understanding your family at a deeper level. Although too late for this newsletter, Kay will probably hold future classes. Call her at (714)631-1330 for further information.


By June 20, 1996, the Superior Court will have reached an agreement with the Huntington Library of San Marino to transfer pre-Superior Court files, 1850-1879. The present archives have criminal, felony, civil, divorce and probate records. Probate records begin 1850. For copies of records (57cents per page) contact Jessica at (213)974-1379. David E. Williams has indicated that genealogy researchers would be able to access these records at the Huntington Library. For up-to-date information contact David Williams, Chief, County Records Center, Records Management Div, Superior Court, 222 N. Hill St., Rm 212, Los Angeles CA 90012, (213)974-1195( Paths to the Present, NSDCo Gen Soc Aug 1996)


Census enumerators were instructed to take the census as of the official census date, regardless of the visit date. Babies born after the official date were not included, but deaths were!

Although not all enumerators applied this rule, researchers should aware of which dates should have been shown. These are:

1790,1800 and 1820 - first Monday in August for each year.

1839 to 1900 - June 1

1910 - April 15th

1920 - January 20th

1930 to 1980, April 1st

(Scotland Co Mo, via Mercer Co Ohio Monitor via WAGS, Aug 1996)


According to the MacMillian Book of Interesting Facts, these are the most common last names:

1.  Smith		6.  Miller

2. Johnson 7. Davis

3. Williams 8. Wilson

4. Brown 9. Anderson

5. Jones 10. Taylor

(Lake Elsinore GS, May 1996, via Gen Soc of No

Orange Co CA July 1996)


There is a move afoot to ask the US Census Bureau to include the maiden name of all married women when future censuses are recorded. If you are in favor of this, please send a letter to Mr. Harry Scarr, Acting Director of the Census Bureau, Dept of Commerce, Washington DC. Send copies of your letter to your Senators and Representatives in Congress also. Let's not let this opportunity pass by. (Paths to the Past, via WAGS Aug 1996)


.....Never judge a book by its' cover!!! While paging through the criminal records book of Washington County at the courthouse in Potosi, Mo., resident genealogist, CeCe Boyer Myers, observed that several entries seemed to follow a different format than others. A closer look confirmed that these were NOT criminal records, but rather, applications for citizenship! (The Diggin's, Old Mines Area His Soc. Summer 1996)


The Salt Lake Family History Library is running out of space, so many books, etc., are being stored at other places. If you are planning a trip to Salt Lake City, make a list of the films and books you will using and sent it to the library. They will have the items ready for your use when you arrive. The address is: The Family History Library, 35 N. W. Temple St., Salt Lake City UT, 81450 (Pathways via Whittier Area Gen Soc., June 1996)


If anyone is interested in the family names from the following list, please contact: Iris Graham at HOFFMAN, RHYNE, COSTNER, RUDISILL, BEST, HOVIS, HOYLE, WILLS, SHETLEY, JENKINS, HOLLAND, HAMBRIGHT, GASTON, WITHERS, CANSLER, CLEMMER, and LINEBERGER. The original pioneers are from Germany and settled in PA and NC, and scattered from there.

Seeking any information on James KIDD, b. Ca 1792 in Amherst VA., m. Frankie CHILDRESS in Knoxville TN. Lived Warren and Coffee Cos. TN. Who are his parents? Pat Weeks, 33412 Sea Bright Dr. Dana Point CA 92629. or


For those who have had ancestors traveling westward on the Overland Trail during the 19th century, the OCTA (Oregon-California Trails Association) have surveyed hundreds of diaries, journals and reminiscences written by emigrants who traveled the trail. Names of all people mentioned in those documents have been entered into a giant database, along with other references and are being made available to researchers. The necessary forms and information can obtained by writing: Overland Emigrant Names, OCTA Headquarters, P.O. Box 1019, Independence MO 64951-0519. (Manasota GS newsletter via So. Bay Cities GS June 1996 via Questing Heirs, June 1996)

"My folks didn't come over on the Mayflower, but they were there to meet the boat" Will Rogers


Can't find great-grandpa Sylvester's birthplace? Don't even know exactly when he was born? Does the 1900 census say one thing and the 1910 records say something else? Well, if he was a citizen, he would want to vote, and if he voted, he had to register.

Voter registration cards are available for the 19th and 20th centuries in many courthouses. The registrant had to give his birthdate and place where he was born. The election commissioners wanted to sure he was 21 and born in this country, when and where he became naturalized. The immigrant had to give the date and location of that event and the name of the court that authorized his citizenship. The card will also show his signature. Records are filed alphabetically or by wards. Have the home address available if possible when you call the appropriate courthouse. Don't expect to find a widowed great-grandmother this way. Women couldn't vote until 1920 (StLouis GS News'n'Notes Mar 1996)


The Associated Daughters of Early American Witches preserves names of those accused of witchery in early America plus the locations of living lineal descendants. For more information, write Mrs. Chas. E. Loucks, 14108 20th St., Arlington VA 02202 (The Family Tree Jan 96 via GSNOCC June 96)

New Microfilm at the National Archives

Pacific Southwest Region - Laguna Niguel, CA

Pub. Num Title Num. Of Rolls

M1126 Post Office Dept. Reports of Site Locations, Rolls 18-21, 48-70

1836-1950 (for Arizona & California) & 370-371

M1744 Index to Naturalizations in US District Court for 165

the Northern Dist. Of CA 1852-1989

M1747 Index to War of 1812 Prisoners of War (M2019) 1

M1749 Historical Registers of National Homes for Disabled 48

Volunteer Soldiers, 1866-1938

M1781 Muster Rolls & List of Confederate Troops paroled in NC 7

M1791 Schedules of a Special Census of Indians, 1880 5

M1803 1810 Census for Washington County, Ohio 1

M1804 1800 Census Schedules, Washington County, Terr. 1

NW of the Ohio, and 1803 Washington Co. Ohio

M1807 Nonpopulation Census Schedules for the Utah Territory 1

& Vermont, 1870 Mortality Schedules

M1808 1860 Census for Northern District of Halifax Co VA: 1

Schedules of Free Inhabitants, Slave Inhabitants,

Mortality, Agriculture, Industry & Social Statistics

M1809 Wisconsin Terr Censuses, 1836, 1838, 1842 & 1847 3

M2010 Correspondence relating to Enforcement of the

"Passenger Acts", 1852-1857 1

M2014 Burial Registers for Military Posts, Camps and 1

Stations, 1768-1921

M2019 Records Relating to War of 1812 Prisoners of War 1

(Indexed by M1747)

M2032 Passenger Lists of European Immigrants Arriving at 1

Vera Cruz, Mexico, 1921-1923, and Related

Correspondence, 1921-1931

F2257 US Commissioners of Claims summary Reports in 1

Cases Reporting to Congress as Disallowed under the Act of March 3, 1871


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