Saddleback Valley Trails

Vol 5 No 7 Editor: Pat Weeks July 1998

South Orange County California Genealogical Society

P. O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo, CA. 92690


Monthly meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to Noon at the Institute Building, 27978 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo CA, situated between Medical Center Drive and Hillcrest Drive. Visitors are welcome. Membership is open to anyone wishing to join. Fees for membership are $20 per calendar year.

18 July 1998 The subject "Case Studies in Twenty Century Research" will be the topic of the speech to be given by our guest speaker, J. Loren Kemper.

15 August 1998 This month's guest speaker is Kathleen Ferguson Kane who will discuss "Researching Scottish Records".

19 September 1998 To be announced

17 October 1998 Guest speaker this month is SOCCGS member, Sharon Robison who will present the topic "Genealogy and Family Health History"

21 November 1998 Guest speaker, Harry G. Drewry returns to offer his expertise on "Maps Can help You Climb Your Family Tree".

Other Local Events

1 August 1998 The German Research Association will host a seminar featuring George Schwitzer. Sorry more information cannot be provided at this time, you will have to call around and scout out times and places. This editor believes this group is housed down in San Diego.

18-19 September The San Diego Genealogical Society will hold their annual fair with speakers, vendors and information. The place of this event is the Scottish Rite Temple in Mission Valley, San Diego area.

12 September 1998 The Gen. Soc. Of Hispanic America lecture "How to Access Texas Records-Overview of Detailed Texas Research" will be given by Norma Flores at the Santa Fe Springs Library, 11700 E. Telegraph Rd. For information (310)868-7738


Announced in the latest California State Gen Alliance newsletter was that our own SOCCGS has been awarded a Regional Director's Award, in recognition of exceptional contributions to the field of genealogy and family history. We humbly accept!! And thank all our wonderful volunteers who have made this possible.

And now, To Open the Envelope
And see how many members made a perfect score

I know you are all waiting to discover if you guessed the correct relationships as were presented in last month's newsletter. Since you probably didn't save your copy, it would be wise for me to retype the questions. Here goes, and don't cheat!

In what relationship to yourself do the following persons stand?

1. your father's only uncle's brother's wife? (my grandmother)

2. your aunt's mother's father's wife? (my great-grandmother)

3. your mother's nephew's daughter's son (my first cousin twice removed)

4. your brother's son's sister's mother? (my sister-in-law)

5. your sister-in-law's father-in-law's grandson? (my son or nephew)

6 your sister's father's stepson's mother? (my stepmother)

7. your uncle's father's only grandchild? (me)

8. your brother-in-law's wife's grandmother's husband? ( my grandfather)

9. your father's father's daughter's daughter? (my first cousin)

10. The granddaughter of the only son of your mother's mother-in-law? (me)

Now that wasn't so difficult, was it?


Free cost-of-living calculator on line. The American Institute for Economic Research is an independent non-profit research and educational organization, and not a genealogical service. Yet, the interactive Cost-of-Living Calculator on the Institute's web site can be very helpful to genealogists by calculating dollar equivalencies for any two years between 1913 and 1997. If you need to go back further you can use COLA which is a MS-DOS program that calculates what a dollar amount in one year is worth in another from 1749 to 1990. COLA is a shareware program from CompuServe's Genealogy Techniques Forum and can be downloaded. World Wide Web also offers a similar service. To try out the free Cost-of-Living Calculator:

(Ca State Gen Alliance Nwsltr, June 1998)


The Family History Library at Mission Viejo now has on permanent loan the microfilm of Naturalizations of the Orange County Clerk's office in Santa Ana CA. These include the surname index and petitions for naturalization, declarations of intent, certificates of citizenship and cover years 1889 into the 1920s. Film numbers are 1434106 through 1434109.


A hands-on Internet basics workshop is being offered by SOCCGS member Sheryl Fisher.

This one session workshop is an introduction to; accessing the Internet, providers, browsers and engines; search methods, and resources for genealogy research, such as popular sites, exchange of files via e-mail; organizing bookmarks; storing online information on your computer by creating WORD files for text and printing images (maps, pictures, etc.)

The first session begins July 9th and will be held at 6 Melrose Drive in Mission Viejo. Two pentium computers are available for "surfing". The following workshops will be held on July 16th , 23rd and 30th at the Mission Viejo Library. Times are 1 to 3 pm, and limited to 4 persons per session. Bring your own snacks, and have a research task ready to tackle.

To sign up, contact Sheryl Fisher at (949)5887243,


The purpose behind the copyright law is to protect the rights of the author of a written piece of work, including family histories. A copyright notice is usually placed on the verso (the other side of the sheet) of the title page, and consists of three parts:

1. The symbol (the letter C in a circle), the word "copyright" or the abbreviation "Copt."

2. The name of the owner of the copyright

3. The year the book (or work) was first published.

Generally, a copyright notice appears as follows:
(c) John Brown 1997

Changes in the copyright law which came into effect on 1 January 1978 have set the terms of protection for most works as the lifetime of the author plus 50 years, eliminating the need for periodic renewals. It is not hard to apply for a copyright and the cost for registering is $10, which must be sent to the Copyright Office along with a completed application and a copy of the book.

For more information, including the proper forms to use for application, write to:

Information Section LM-455
Copyright Office
Library of Congress
Washington D.C. 20559
(Washington Co GS Nwsltr via Scott Co MO Jan '98 via WAGS Newsletter June 98)


A computer is a typewriter with an attitude.

Oh what a tangled website we weave when first we practice!

C:\ is the root of all directories.

UC On-Line

The University of California Library System, largest in the country next to the Library of Congress, has begun making its collection of periodicals, photographs and documents available on the World Wide Web. They are also scanning their special collections and presently have about 28,000 images on line. UC Berkeley has digitized most of the Bancroft Library's photographs on early California. Try this address: /

UC. Santa Barbara has done the same for its map collection:

(Gen Soc No. Orange Co CA Newsletter, May 98)


Effective 1 Jan 1998 the Archives will no longer bill for copies. Instead, prepaid $5.00 vouchers, each containing ten 50-cent credits must be purchased and sent in with your requests. Valid for two years after purchase, these vouchers may be obtained by sending a check to the Illinois State Archives, Norton Building, Springfield, IL, 62756. The Archives will accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Discover/Novus) as payment for larger bills, such as book purchases, although a 40-cent surcharge will be added for the service.

(GSNOCC, May 98)


The Family History Library moved all of the family histories and biographies out of the library to the Joseph Smith Memorial Bld., 4th Floor, West Wing. The reason is simple, they ran out of space for more new and incoming city, county and state books, ect.

Most of the family histories are microfilmed. However, if you want to save money while photocopying, go to the JSMB where copies cost 5 cents per copy. Film copies are 20 cents. (Questing Heirs, June 1998)


Selected Genealogy and Local History Collections in Southern California 1990
Comp. Gini Bennetsen

- Research Outline for Pennsylvania
Comp. LDS

- Research Outline for Ohio
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- Surname Searcher, 1988 edition
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- Roots and Shoots Quarterly
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- Research Outline for Indiana
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- Research Outline for Missouri
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- Catch the Vision, Genealogy a New Era, Syllabus
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- Genealogical Surname Index
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- They Left Their Mark
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- Civil War CD-ROM, A Coompilation of the Official
Records of the Union and Confederate Armies
Editors National Archives historians

- Index of North Carolina Ancestors
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- Research Outline for Pennsylvania
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- Napa Valley Genealogical & Biographical Society, 1984- New England Ancestors
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- DAR Library Catalog, Vol. 1
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- Smith, et al Family Histories
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- Contributions to the History of Ancient Families of New
Amsterdam & New York
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- War of 1812: Virginia Bounty Land & Pension Applicants

- Outpost Berline, the History of the American Military Forces in Berlin, 1945-1994
Comp. Henrik Bering

- Family Archives Super Bundle II containing five volumes 1600 to present, V 708.01, V709.01, V 710.01, V 711.01, V712.01
Comp. Family Tree Maker

- New York Marriage Index, 1639 - 1916; CD # 401
Comp. Family Tree Maker

- Mayflower Vital Records, Deeds & Wills, 1600s - 1900s; CD # 167
Comp. Family Tree Maker

- New Jersey Biographical Index - 1800s, CD # 190
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- Family History Bundle: VA Genealogy # 1 - CD # 162,
PA Genealogy - CD # 163, CT Genealogy - CD # 179,
NJ Genealogy - CD # 182, RI Genealogy - CD # 180
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Comp. Farley Grubb, PhD


Before 1906 - a single copy of naturalization record was made in any court of record, found there or in local, regional, or state archives.

After 1906 - Two copies were made, one kept with the original court and one sent to Federal office, now INS, who has a comprehensive index.

Since 1929 - A photograph is required on naturalization papers.

1906=1956 - The INS filed naturalization papers separately in "C-files".

Since 1956 - Naturalization papers filed with other records in INS "A-file".

All requests for copies of INS records must be made under the Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts.

*Request and use INS Form G-639

*Send to: INS - Freedom of Information, 2nd Floor, ULLB, 425 I Street NW, Washington D.C. 20536

Also try the National Archives website for an excellent discussion of naturalization procedures
BE PATIENT! (Cuyahoga West OH GS Mar 98 via WAGS June 98)

50/50 Envelopes

The Book Selection Committee has chosen these books to be purchased by the SOCCGS when 50% of the purchase price has been donated:

1. SC Naturalizations, 1783-1850, by Brent Holcomb, total price $25.

2. PA Vital Records, a collection of every article appearing in the PA Mag of History & Biography and the PA Gen Magazine, concerning births, marriages and deaths. Refers to more than 87,000 persons. $30

3. Irish Emigration to NE through the Port of St John, new Brunswick Canada, 1841-1849, $30

4. Ohio Vital Records #2, 1750s-1880s, articles originally appearing in the Old Northwest Gen Quarterly or the Ohio Gen Q., of approx 71,000 persons from family histories, bibles, will abstracts, vital records, tax lists, $30

5. Native American Research CD, fast, simple way to search the Dawes final rolls and other information concerning the Five Civilized Tribes, $60

6. Index of Probate Court Records, 1854-1917, Kings Co WA, (includes Seattle area) Provides case number which is necessary to order copies Over 17,000 names, $20

7. MA & ME Families 1650-1930s $30

8. Deaths recorded in St Paul City Directories, 1888-1910 by Stina B Green and Minne Kendall, $16.00

9. Caswell Co NC will books 1777-1814; 1784 Tax List; Guardians Accts 1794-1819 published with Caswell Co NC will Books 1814-1843; Guardians' Accts 1819-1847; 1850 & 1860 census Mortality Schedules, Powers of Attorney from Deed Books 1777-1880, by Katherine Kendall and Mary Donaldson, $35

Please help us purchase these books for the library. Also, help us by suggesting books to purchase. SOCCGS members on the Book Selection Committee are : Jeanne Barrett, Janet Franks, Pat McCoy, Betty McKenzie, Dianne Miller, Ruth Sheean and Pat Weeks.


This newsletter is finished! At least I hope it is, because it has totally worn me down! Isn't there anyone in our group willing to take over the newsletter? This editor is burnt out, and will probably not tackle one more edition.


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