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South Orange County California Genealogical Society

Vol. 17 No. 7

P.O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo, CA. 92690

July 2010

Editor: Mary Jo McQueen

Monthly meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to Noon at the Mission Viejo Family History Center Institute Building, 27978 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo, between Medical Center Drive and Hillcrest Drive. Membership is open to anyone interested in genealogy. Individual membership fees are $20 per calendar year, $25 for joint membership.
SOCCGS is not affiliated with the LDS Family History Center.

General Meeting July 17, 2010

"Special Census Schedules"
Presented By
Connie Walton Moretti

In this presentation Ms. Moretti will explain how special Census Schedules may provide information about your family and their community, which might not be found elsewhere. Mortality, Agriculture and Manufacturing schedules give detailed information that can be very valuable for your research. Social Statistics provide helpful information about the ancestor’s county and township. The 1880 Defective, Dependent, Delinquent schedules offer further insight into ancestral lives. Examples of all these will be shown, along with information about where to find these existing copies.

Connie is a Torrance native, a third generation Californian, and is retired from 30 years as an educator. She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, and the United States Daughters of 1812. She formerly was the editor of the South Bay Cities Genealogical Society Newsletter. Ms. Moretti specializes in American lineage and has traveled extensively in Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Indiana, Tennessee, South Carolina and California.

"2010 Seminar"
Dr. George Schweitzer is coming October 16!

We are already receiving reservations for the 7th Annual Seminar. So, it is not too early to send yours in. We expect a full house for Dr. Schweitzer’s third visit to Mission Viejo. Members, please note that reservations are processed on a first come basis, and the capacity of our venue is 125 Persons. You will find a Flyer with a Reservation Form on the last page of this newsletter. Tell your friends! Information is also on the SOCCGS Website.

"Changes Are Coming To The Library"

By the time you read this newsletter the changes will be nearly complete. As you all know the San Diego Genealogical Society has agreed to accept our book donations. All of the family histories and other genealogy related books will be accessible during their library open hours. Please check out their website at

Thank you for your work and support during this time of change.

President's Message

~Sandy Crowley

I am truly enjoying the great speakers we have had so far this year. Bill has been doing a wonderful job of finding a variety of interesting folks to come speak to our group. This is no small task year after year. Thanks to Linda Serna for her presentation, “Researching Maternal & Sibling Lines.” I have made a “to do” list for myself of some items Linda suggested. It always pays to go back yet one more time to things you think you’ve already nailed.

Guests at the June meeting were: Chuck & Donna Gall, Irvine; Jim & Pam Langford, Anaheim; Mary Moorhead, Mission Viejo; Gary L. Van Zandt, Mission Viejo; Alice Volkert, Lake Forest.

Thanks to Tricia Leard, Barbara Heebner and David Flint for the snacks we enjoyed.

We have found a new library home for the books we must move from our library! Thanks to the SOCCGS board for their work in tracking down the North San Diego Genealogy group’s library, which has room and has agreed to take the bulk of the books, which we must move out of our Mission Viejo Library.

The board still has much sorting, packing and moving to do, but it looks like we will make our end-of-July deadline to clear the stacks our books have been occupying, and move our remaining books across the room to our new section. Soon, we will be making up new lists of the books we have on CDs, those available online and those in our new bookcase stacks to help with your research.

Brick Walls & Genealogy Research Suggestions

At the June meeting Tom Corning shared that he has been using with success. After diligent searching he discovered on his grandparents’ wedding information.

Trish Leard has found much info using familysearchpilot, but warns that translations are not always clear.

Jim Hill has been using Google Docs where family can share data. However, be prepared, the Google Docs format can change on you while you are working. Boxes, lines, etc. can move.

Pat Christiansen is having some trouble tracking down death and burial data for Frank Albert Dean. He was married 4 times. His fourth wife couldn’t afford to bury him, so she sent her ill husband to a cousin’s home in another state to die and be buried.


Two members joined at the June meeting. Please welcome Sharon Newman, Mission Viejo who is looking for Newman (New York & Ireland), Hall (New Jersey, Ireland), Johnson (New York, Poland) & Lough (New Jersey, Ireland). Sharon’s email:

Donna Osterhues, Lake Forest

Safari News

There are no safaris scheduled during July and August. The regular schedule will resume in September.

Docent Update

~Bunny Smith, Librarian

We would like to thank Shirley Fraser, Nellie Domenick and Jeanne Barrett for their many years of dedicated service at the docent desk. We will miss them!

There is a need for others to step up and fill the vacancies: Mondays 10-12:30 and Tuesdays 10-1. Jim Thordahl has agreed to take Nellie’s Saturday shifts. Thank you Jim.

Vacation season is upon us, thus we need substitute docents. Please sign up. Say yes, if at all possible, if you are called.

Mark your calendars: A docent workshop is being planned for Friday, July 23.

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My Genealogy Mysteries and How They Are Related

~Sherry Penland

There are few Native American genealogy records. The Indians themselves did not keep records and if they did they used their Indian names. I am a member of the Kansas Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribe. They were originally in Michigan until they had their own “trail of tears” that moved them to Kansas.

My great grandmother, EMILY SHEPARD, had four husbands and many children. My grandmother, ANNA was from Emily’s 2nd marriage to PETER LATRAUNCH, who was from a Citizen Band Potawatomi Tribe located in Oklahoma. There were four girls from this union, born as follows: MARY 25 March 1880, JOSEPHENE 11 February 1882, JULIA 30 October 1884 and, my grandmother, ANNA LATRAUNCH 8 March 1886.

In August 1883 Peter shot and killed a man on the Reservation. He was jailed on August 29, with a $3,000 bail, which he could not pay. I read that he was let out of jail for a few days in November to earn some money. On 26 March 1884 he was convicted for manslaughter in the first degree. In April 1884 he was granted a new trial because one of the jurymen said he was guilty before being impaneled as a juror. On June 19 the jury reached a new verdict of manslaughter in the 4th degree. Peter was sentenced to 23 months, and was released on 26 February 1886.

I visited the courthouse in Jackson, Kansas to look at his trial papers. They were crammed in a tiny envelope, and I was the first to look at them since the trial! The handwriting was difficult to read so I know I am missing some information. To the best of my knowledge, Peter was in jail/prison when his last two daughters were conceived. This leads to a letter I found from my grandmother, Anna, at the Indian Agency in Kansas. She wrote it in 1941, saying her and Julia’s father was EDMOND MAYNES, and that she was born in 1887. My previous information has both of the girls with Latraunch as their surname. The Indian Censuses and Reservation Land granted to them also have their last name as Latraunch. On 12 April 1886, Emily married Edmond Maynes. Edmond was a widower, having been married to SUSAN LATRAUNCH, Peter’s sister.

Part II of the mystery: who are the parents of Peter Latraunch? I looked through some records at the Oklahoma Citizen Band Enrollment Office. There I found some CD’s containing enrollment applications. After looking through, what I thought was the entire collection; I noticed that I had missed one. Here was the information for which I was searching: Peter Latraunch and his sister Susan were children of So-na-ne-qua, ELLEN NAVARRE, wife of ANTHONY NAVARRE. They had moved from Michigan and helped found the town of Rossville, Kansas. This put them close to the Prairie Band Tribe, which is probably how Peter and Susan met their future spouses. It was also noted that Ellen Navarre and FRANK LATRAUNCH had a common marriage performed by a priest. This must have been after Ellen and Anthony were divorced. So, was Frank, Peter and Susan’s father?

Part III of this story: Listed on the CD I found was the marriage of MARRIANNE MAYNES on 5 April 1842 in Monroe, Michigan. Edmond Maynes was born in Monroe, Michigan 19 July 1847, so this could be a fit. I have yet to uncover information that Marianne and Edward had a son. It is possible that Edmond went with Ellen and Anthony Navarre to Rossville, which gave him access to Prairie Band and to Susan Latraunch.

Is Peter Latraunch my great grandfather? Probably not as conjugal visits to prisons back then were likely not possible. It is most probable that Emily and Peter weren’t together when Julie and Anna were conceived, and more than likely Edmond Maynes is the father. I am considering them as Latraunch’s though because their land was in Latraunch name and, likewise in the Indian Census.

Are Peter and Susan children of SO-NA-NE-QUA/ELLEN NAVARRE? I believe they were, and perhaps Frank Latraunch was their father. Is Edmond Maynes the son of Marianne and Edward Maynes? Very possible, but don’t think I will be able to prove it unless I can go back to the Michigan Historical Society. Kansas didn’t have birth or death records this early and newspapers did not report on the Indians. The Indian Reservation did not keep records. Thanks to a local man who compiled all the local cemetery information he could find, I did find marriages of Emily and Edmond Maynes, and other family.

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Ralph's Update

~David Flint - Ways & Means Chairman

We have been notified that we will soon receive a check from Ralphs in the amount of $247. This is due to the supporters who shopped between 3/1/2010 and 5/31/2010. Thank you to the following members: (last names only) Abrams, Cramer, Crayne, Crowley, Dill, Domenick, Ellison, Flint, Frankel, Harley, Keyser, Larsen LaVenture, Lobo, Luckman, Mauzey, McQueen, McCoy, McGuigan, Merchant, Merritt, Murtha, Naylor, Nolen, Reilly, Roy, Ray, Schwarz, Sheean, Weeks, White, Wilgus, Witte. Is your name not listed? Two numbers did not list name: 2 48012 89849 3 and 2 49201 54192 9.

Don’t forget to shop at Ralphs! This is a reminder for you to designate SOCCGS as the organization to receive funds from Ralphs. Please see the detailed instructions on our website

New On Family Search

Family Search has announced they have added 300 million new records to their collection - available online. The website is:

They are also on Record Search Pilot - go to, click on search records on the tool bar, then Record Search Pilot. You can browse to see what they have added - the ones with the red asterisks are new. These are international - Norway, England, Iceland, Italy - everywhere.

The Virtual Wall * Vietnam Veterans Memorial

This link is a virtual wall of all those lost during the Vietnam War with the names, bio's and other information.  Those who remember that time frame, or perhaps lost friends or family can look them up on this site. 

First click on a state.  When it opens, scroll down to the city and the names will appear.  Then click on their names.  It should show you a picture of the person, or at least their bio and medals. There is also a link whereby you may search names from an alphabetical list.

This really is an amazing web site.  Thanks to Donna Hobbs for passing this along.

Ancestry World Archives Project

~David Flint, Chairman

Please visit our website at (or type SOCCGS into Google) to learn about our society’s co-sponsorship and participation in the World Archives Project with There are links on our website to connect you with information about the program and how to get started. Please consider helping with this service project. It’s a great way to give something back to the larger genealogy community.

Find An Obituary is the largest and most comprehensive collection of newspaper obituaries and death notices in the United States. Each obituary or death notice is indexed by the name of the deceased person to make searching easier and more precise. No cost to search. There is a fee for copies.

New Irish Church Records Online - FREE!

Irish Genealogy, hosted by the Ireland Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport, has added a large number of new church records of baptism, marriage and death to their free Web site. This brings the total to over 2 million church records from Dublin City and counties Kerry and Carlow, plus a subset from Roman Catholic parishes in the Diocese of Cork & Ross. These records include transcriptions and, in many cases, digitized images of the original records (though these are not yet available for all online records) taken from Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland parishes, as well as a small number of Presbyterian records relating to a congregation in Lucan. Best of all, these Irish church records can be accessed online completely free of charge.

The Numerical Index: Another Land Record

~Mary Clement Douglass, CG

As genealogists, we are always searching for another way to discover the relationships between and among our ancestors and the communities in which they lived. Land records, in my experience, are one of the best ways to find these relationships and one of the most overlooked by the average genealogist.

In a genealogy how-to book or workshop you may have been encouraged to read the general or grantor-grantee indexes in whatever county office records land transactions. And you may have learned to copy every instance of your surname for years before and after your ancestor lived in a given location. You may even have read and photocopied some of the deeds, leases, contracts, mortgages, liens, affidavits, and agreements referred to in the indexes. And that is a good start! Every single source of information adds to the picture we try to create of our ancestor. And each document often provides more clues to research.

But do we always go the second step and follow the land itself? Have you ever been told to check out the other land record index-the numerical or tract index? That is where the genealogical gems are hiding! Tracking a parcel of land through its owners will sometimes reveal the names of married daughters, heirs-at-law, the in-laws, the grandchildren, the wife’s parents and other ancestors of another surname, the neighbors our ancestors married, and interaction with local, state, and federal governments. It is in the numerical index to lands, for federal-land states, that you find all the documents related to the land. It is through the complete record that you find the other locations your ancestors and their descendants lived at a particular time.

There are 30 federal-land states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. In federal land states the land was surveyed into townships and ranges, which contain 36 numbered one-mile sections of land. The township system is based on a series of meridians running from pole to pole and base lines, running east to west. The Kansas Base Line is the Kansas-Nebraska border. The meridian for Kansas is the 6th Principal Meridian. The 6th Principal Meridian is the eastern boundary of Saline County Kansas. I live in Section 12, Township 14 South [of the Base Line] and Range 3 West [of the 6th Principal Meridian].

In Kansas, the Register of Deeds is the person responsible for the recording and maintenance of land records. In other jurisdictions it is the County Recorder. The Register keeps both an alphabetical grantor [direct, seller] and grantee [indirect, reverse, buyer] index and a numerical index to the land tracts in that county.

What You Can Find In the Numerical or Tract Index:

In Kansas the numerical index is divided into townships of 36 sections. Using for an example the page covering Republic County Section 36, Courtland Township 3 South and Range 5 West (36-T3S-R5W), we find the following headings for the columns on this page: kind of instrument, date of instrument, grantor, grantee, recorded-book, page, northeast quarter, southeast quarter, northwest quarter, southwest quarter, number of acres-irregular or metes and bounds, date of release (remarks).

Listed under the kind of instrument, we find a variety of instruments, including an executor’s deed, an incorporation petition, warranty deeds, a contract and grant of easement, quitclaim deeds, an order, probate judge’s certificate, mortgage, affidavit, release of mortgage, contract of sale, assignment, tax certificate, and a probate case. Most of the entries are for warranty deeds-the sale of a specific piece of property by one person to another. Without the Numerical Index, you would need to search in records kept by each county office and court to find all of these kinds of instruments.

How to use the numerical index:

If you don’t already have the legal description of the land, you will need to search the General Index to Deeds under the surname for which you are searching. Note all the tracts owned by that person and then proceed to the Numerical Index to research each tract.

(Appeared originally in Everton's Genealogical Helper magazine March/April 2007)

An Invitation For Iowa Natives!!

The 110th Annual Iowa State Picnic is being held on Saturday, August 14th from 9:30 to 2:30 at the Long Beach Lawn Bowling Club, 1109 Federation Drive, Long Beach, CA 90804. At about 11:30 the potluck will start. Bring a dish to share, your own beverage, and your own eating utensils. Let us know if you are coming by calling 562/421-0726 or E-mailing:

The Lawn Bowling Club has several picnic tables, is handicapped accessible with plenty of parking. However, extra chairs may be needed. Take East Anaheim Street West, Left on Park Avenue, and left on Federation Drive. Or the 22 Freeway-West turns into 7th Street. Take 7th Street West, and Right on Federation Drive.

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Do you need a name badge?

Wearing a name badge at the monthly meetings is an excellent way to meet new friends and/or possibly a “cousin.” These are provided to all members at no cost. Please contact Herb Abrams at (949) 581-6292 or He will have one ready at the next meeting.


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“Our Patriotic & Adventurous Ancestors”

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