Saddleback Valley Trails

South Orange County California Genealogical Society

Vol. 17 No. 6

P.O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo, CA. 92690

June 2010

Editor: Mary Jo McQueen

Monthly meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to Noon at the Mission Viejo Family History Center Institute Building, 27978 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo, between Medical Center Drive and Hillcrest Drive. Membership is open to anyone interested in genealogy. Individual membership fees are $20 per calendar year, $25 for joint membership.
SOCCGS is not affiliated with the LDS Family History Center.

General Meeting June 19, 2010

"Researching Maternal & Sibling Lines"
Presented By
Linda Serna

During this presentation Ms. Serna will show examples and explore sources for researching female lines, as well as looking at brothers and sisters and other relatives. She will give the researcher ideas for finding missing information so that a more complete picture of ancestor’s families may be developed. The information outlined in this program should be a helpful resource for any researcher facing a “brick wall.”

During the past 15 years, Linda has been actively involved in genealogy. She has given several presentations at genealogy groups in Southern California on various topics; including the part history plays in genealogy. She also speaks on family stories, finding clues in sources, interpreting records and brick walls. Her favorite pastimes, in addition to public speaking, include history, writing and traveling. Linda and her mother enjoyed researching the family together for many years. Now, one of her sons has picked up the reins and is working with her.

We are looking forward to meeting and hearing Linda.

"Changes Are Coming To The Library"

At the May meeting, Mary Jo McQueen informed the members as to the change soon to be made at the Mission Viejo Library. This modification directly involves our genealogy department.

Due to lack of space and an increase in the public’s demand for a larger selection of fiction reading material, the library’s biography selections will be moved to the shelves now being occupied by genealogy related books.

The SOCCGS collection is being moved across the library to a portion of the Local History Section. There will be considerably less shelving; therefore our selection of books will be reduced. A committee is working now to best decide how to accomplish this reduction. Many of the books we now have in our collection are available on CDs we already own, and new CDs will be purchased. Books are also being located online and lists of these will be made available to our patrons. Watch for email messages from Herb Abrams, in which you will be advised as to the disposition of surplus books. Donors, if they wish, may reclaim their books if they are on the surplus list. Please call Mary Jo for further information, or to make arrangements to pick up your books. We can make this work!

President's Message

~Sandy Crowley

The May meeting brought us speaker Caroline Braxton Rober. She spoke on “Analyze – Key to Further Research.” One of her suggestions was to go back and look at your earlier research and records. With your more advanced eye of today, you may see a glaring discrepancy in your earlier data, or perhaps find a valuable bit of information that meant nothing to you when doing the earlier research. Following Caroline’s advice just may lead you to do further research and new discoveries. If you missed the meeting, check at the library for a copy of her syllabus.

“Thank you” to Lorna Irey, Margaret Luckman and Jack Naylor who brought goodies and drinks for our meeting. These always make our breaks more enjoyable. If you would like to volunteer to provide snacks or drinks, please see Hospitality Co-Chairman Barbara Heebner at our next meeting. There are openings for some dates during the rest of the year.

Several of those in attendance shared genealogy suggestions, requested assistance with areas of need, and advised us of upcoming events.

Donna Hobbs suggested that we try State Archives for naturalization information.

Carol Haynes needs assistance with Netherlands – Dutch translations.

Sharon Jackson’s son speaks Dutch and can help with translations.

Karen Gill needs translation help with Russian and Polish.

Jo Taylor mentioned that a relative of hers works at Saddleback College and the college has lots of Russian translators.

Clarice Olson said has a newsletter she enjoys. Check out the May Footnotes newsletter.

Marcia Roy spoke about the upcoming Irish Fair, June 5-6, at Irvine Meadows.

Several people mentioned that there are Memorial Day celebrations nearby on Monday, May 31; including El Toro Memorial Park and Fairhaven Memorial Park.

Beach Cities Quilt Guild will hold a quilt show on June 5-6 at Soka University. There will be hundreds of quilts displayed.

Schelia Evans, Laguna Niguel was a guest.


Two members joined at the May meeting. Please welcome Mr. Sun Ha Kim, Laguna Woods and Ms. Sharon Jackson, Rancho Santa Margarita. Mr. Kim’s email address is His surnames are Yong Pil Kim - grandfather Kyung Soo Kim - g grandfather

Safari News

On Wednesday, June 23, we will trek to the Cole Genealogy Library in Carlsbad. We will leave the LDS parking lot at 9:30 a.m. Don’t forget $$ for your driver. There are no plans for dinner on the way home. Contact Bill Bluett to reserve a spot.

This library is one of the best in Southern California. Preparation is the key to making any research trip successful. Use the library catalogue and set your genealogy research in motion.

This will provide an opportunity to obtain a Carlsbad Library card, if you don’t have one. With this card you can research from the comfort of your own computer such databases as Heritage Quest and Newspaper Archives.

"More About Herb Abrams’ Lost Revolutionary War Ancestor"

In the June 2008 Issue of Saddleback Valley Trails Herb told of having a DNA test and finding that he did not match with a person who was descended from the second son and another who was descended from the third son of James Abrams, the Revolutionary War soldier. Those two however did match with each other. So, Herb lost an ancestor he had always counted on!

Herb’s paper trail indicated that he was descended from William, the first son of James Abrams, and he suspected that William was adopted. (See May, 2009 issue of Saddleback Valley Trails).

Now he reports: “Recently, I found another descendant of William Abrams from another son and persuaded him to get a DNA test and guess what? We matched! So, that confirms my suspicion that William was not the biological son of James. This solves one puzzle but who was William’s father? That is still unclear.” And, the search continues……………….

2010 Seminar
Dr. George Schweitzer is coming October 16!

Plans are under way for SOCCGS 7th Annual Seminar, Reservations started coming in at the May meeting. It is not too early to reserve your spot. We expect a full house for Dr. Schweitzer’s third visit to Mission Viejo. A Flyer and Reservation Form will be found on the last page of this newsletter. Tell your friends! Information is also on the SOCCGS Website.

Library Computer Donation

Thanks to member, Jeanne Barrett, there are now four computers for patron use at the SOCCGS Library. She donated a “like new” computer. SOCCGS purchased a new monitor and Herb Abrams has the unit up and running.

"A Letter to the Genealogy Society"

~Pat Merritt

I was born in Tennessee and moved to Kansas at the age of five. I never knew any of my relatives.

My genealogy quest began a little over a year ago. I had found a great deal of information about the Shelby and the Payne families, but the Ingram and McCoy's were more of a challenge. My grandmother was a McCoy from the Dover, Tennessee area. I posted my name on Genealogy.Com and asked if anyone knew her. About an hour later I received an e-mail from a young man from Kentucky saying he was a relative. He had done a lot work on the McCoy family tree and was willing to share it with me. We now talk almost every day. It was a lucky day when we found each other. Another long lost cousin contacted me saying she knew of a man in Dover, Tennessee who was doing research on the McCoy's. I contacted him and he sent me much information.

My husband and I traveled to Tennessee last year and did some research at the Dover Library. A lady there told me I should read the book "One Man's War" about Jack Hinson. She thought a “Mary McCoy” had worked for Jack Hinson. I read the book and found that she was a black lady, so wasn't my Mary McCoy. It was a very good book. I wrote to the publisher and my letter was forwarded to Tom McKenney, the author. Mr. McKenney and I have spoken, and he wants to meet us in Dover the next time we go. He knows a great deal about the Civil War. He would like to show us Grants Headquarters, and which homes in the area were used as hospitals.

My research has gone this way: It seems, every one I talk to tells me of someone else to contact. That person in turn sends me much information and many pictures.

The Mission Viejo Library has been a great resource, with Gary Schwarz helping me all along the way. I have found 14 first cousins and many distant relatives of whom I had no knowledge. We all now stay in contact.

One of the Shelby's was the first governor of Kentucky. My Payne families were early settlers of Tennessee and fought in the Revolutionary, Civil, and Mexican Wars, and probably fought the McCoy's. (Ha). R. S. Payne fought with William Campbell, who gave Tennessee the name, the Volunteer State. R. S. would sit on his porch and read the newspaper to his neighbors, who were not able to read. I find I have big shoes to fill, coming from such kind wonderful people.

How lucky am I, to have been born in the South, where everyone is willing to talk and share.

"New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center"

Although still a work in progress, this site is packed with information and images concerning NYS residents who have served, from the pre-Revolution through Desert Storm. Some of which you will find:
  • Regimental histories and rosters of members, mostly Civil War
  • Downloadable spreadsheets for "Register of officers whose services terminated prior to Jan. 1, 1858"
  • Online images of Civil War battle flags along with 2 downloadable posters
  • Online images from various military eras.

"Just What Suits You"

~Patricia Ann (Dean) Christiansen

During World War II, the war effort brought out the best of ingenuity within my family. We grew our own vegetables and some fruits (totally organic) while we lived in Columbus, Hamilton County, Ohio. My mother, Rebecca Irene Shultz Dean (born 23 Sep 1904 in Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois) was a master at recycling and innovation; just like her mother before her (Hannah Essie Potter Shultz, b. 2 Jul 1874, Lynnville, Morgan County, Illinois).

I was stepping decades back in time when I recently came across a photograph taken in 1940 of my two younger sisters, mother and me. There we were, all dressed up in spic and span clothing, our shoes shined, our hair glossy and curled with smiles on our faces. Now, for the story behind the picture:

The day of the sitting, Mother bathed us all at the same time in our claw-footed cast iron tub. She, in her slip and stockings, chenille bathrobe and bedroom slippers; her hair was still in Bobbie pin roll ups. She cleansed her face with Ponds Cold Cream, put on a little lipstick and we were nearly ready to go.

We knew that bath time was over when Mother poured cold water over us from our toy tin teapot; this in order to “close our pores.” We shrieked and shivered as one by one we clambered out of the tub.

We put on “new” white blouses with Peter Pan collars and puffed sleeves, which had been made from our dad’s retired dress shirts. Satin ribbon bows adorned the collars. We each wore pleated hounds tooth patterned skirts made from Dad’s old suit. I was given a bow for my hair; after all, I was the oldest.

“Sitting” to have a picture taken is a misnomer; especially when there are young children involved. An air of self-discipline suddenly came over us when Mother took from her purse her secret weapon … a Tootsie Roll! Breaking it into three parts, we were instructed to stop fussing, get into place, and each hold our piece of the Tootsie Roll. We were further instructed that when the photographer was finished, we could eat the candy.

Nancy and Barbara, with their right hands clenched, hung onto their temporarily purloined treat. Because I ended up standing on a low stool, while everyone else was seated, I accidentally dropped my segment of Tootsie Roll. There by the toe of my youngest sister’s shoe, for the entire world to see, is preserved in a family portrait, a silent sentinel of what bribery can accomplish, is my piece of the Tootsie Roll.

Claimed it was, as soon as the photographer uttered, “We are done.” Not by me, but by my little sister, Nancy! She not only crammed her piece into her mouth, but mine as well. Lamentations of deprivation poured out of my mouth as well as tears down my cheeks. I don’t know which is worse, losing your treat or being outwitted by a four year old.

Mother leaned over and, as she wiped away my tears, whispered words of wisdom in my ear about being the oldest, etc., etc., etc. It wasn’t until she handed me, still intact, not broken into thirds, in its original waxy paper wrapper, my very own Tootsie Roll, that I felt redeemed. An even higher level of redemption came my way, when my sisters were told, “Patricia doesn’t have to share unless she wants to.” Yeeeeesssss! However, I did finally share. (It was many years, though, before I learned how to be a gracious sharing person.)

I did gain some manner of satisfaction. There is nothing more pitiful than seeing a four year old drooling chocolate down the front of her crisp white blouse and onto her hand-made hounds tooth pleated skirt to make me realize that some acts of sharing bring great results. Sharing suited me then and it suits me now. “God’s in his Heaven and all’s right with the world.”

Statistics regarding my sisters: The youngest, Nancy Lou, was born 5 July 1936, Barbara K., 7 February 1934 and I, Patricia Ann, 29 Nov 1932, all in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. We moved to Columbus, Ohio, in 1939. (There is a family rumor/myth that my youngest sister was named after Nancy in the “Nancy and Sluggo” comic strip, which was popular at the time of her birth.)

Ancestry World Archives Project

~David Flint, Chairman

Please visit our website at (or type SOCCGS into Google) to learn about our society’s co-sponsorship and participation in the World Archives Project with There are links on our website to connect you with information about the program and how to get started. Please consider helping with this service project. It’s a great way to give something back to the larger genealogy community.

New at the Library

The Mission Viejo Chapter DAR has purchased two new CDs for the SOCCGS Library. Many of the books noted will replace books for which we no longer have room. Thank You DAR!
#364 American Source Records in England (Case 30)
The following books are included on this CD:
  • American Wills Proved in London, 1611-1775
  • American Wills & Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1610-1857
  • English Estates of American Colonists, 1610-1600
  • English Estates of American Colonists, 1800-1858
  • English Estates of American Settlers, 1800-1858
  • Genealogical Gleanings in England (2vols)
  • Virginia Gleanings in England
  • American Colonists in English Records
  • English Origins of American Colonists from New York Genealogical and Biographical Record
  • Topographical Dictionary of 2,885 English Emigrants to New England
  • Result of Some Researches Among the British Archives, Relative to New England
#523 Early Maine and New Hampshire Settlers (Case 30)
The following books are included on this CD:
  • Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire
  • The Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire
  • Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder (vols.)
  • 1790 Census of Maine
  • 1790 Census of New Hampshire
  • History of York Maine (2 vols.)
  • Maine Wills, 1640-1760)
  • Probate Records of Lincoln County, Maine, 1760-1800
  • Maine Biographies (2 vols)
  • Names of Soldiers of the American Revolution from Maine
  • Alphabetical Index of Revolutionary Pensioners in Maine
  • Colonial Gravestone Inscriptions in New Hampshire
  • Military History of the State of New Hampshire
  • Vital Records of Londonderry, New Hampshire, 1719-1910
SOCCGS has purchased a new CD, which will replace six books in the New England section of our genealogy library.
#181 English Origins of New England Families, 1500s-1800s. (Case 30)
This Family Archive contains images of the pages from the Genealogical Publishing Company's books entitled English Origins of New England Families, which trace family histories back to their English roots, some as far back as the 11th century. Included on this Family Archive are some of the most sought-after immigrant-origin articles published in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. These articles will be of interest to almost all Americans with colonial heritage. This Family Archive references the names of more than 143,000 individuals. A sizable number of articles provide information on clusters of nearly related immigrants or on all settlers with a given surname. Other notable inclusions are articles covering over 50 of the 125 New England immigrants of royal descent and those dealing with Mayflower passengers, colony founders, and clergymen. For convenience and easy searching, Broderbund has provided an alphabetical name index for this CD.

Ralph's Update

~David Flint - Ways & Means Chairman

Don’t forget to shop at Ralphs! This is a reminder for you to designate SOCCGS as the organization to receive funds from Ralphs. Please see the detailed instructions on our website

DID YOU KNOW? As you enter the Supreme Court courtroom,
The two oak doors have the Ten Commandments engraved on each lower portion of each door.

~Brian Tracy


The 2010 SCGS Jamboree is scheduled Friday, June 11 through Sunday, June 13 at the LA Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel.

October 9 - Family History Day at the California State Archives, 1020 "O" Street, Downtown Sacramento from 8:30am to 4pm. FREE event! For details, please contact Gwen Myers at or Sandra Benward at

October 16 – SOCCGS Family History Seminar featuring Dr. George Schweitzer.

This is a great website with CD’s for purchase at very reasonable prices. Explore their collection of State History books. Each CD offers a vast array of hard to impossible to find books on a variety of subjects relevant to 18th and 19th century state, city and county history. The SOCCGS library recently received an “Iowa” CD as a donation. This CD includes 40 Iowa related books. It is in Case 30.

Do you need a name badge?

Wearing a name badge at the monthly meetings is an excellent way to meet new friends and/or possibly a “cousin.” These are provided to all members at no cost. Please contact Herb Abrams at (949) 581-6292 or He will have one ready at the next meeting.


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A Family History Seminar
Saturday, October 16, 2009 - 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
(Doors Open 8:00 a.m.)
City Hall, Saddleback Room, 100 Civic Center Drive, Corner La Paz & Marguerite
(North end of the city hall directly across the library parking lot.)

“Our Patriotic & Adventurous Ancestors”

Dr. George K. Schweitzer
Renowned Genealogy Author & Lecturer - in full costume!


“Revolutionary War Genealogy”
“German Emigration, Immigration, and Migration Patterns”
“Rivers to Trails to Roads to Canals to Trains”
“Questions and Answers”


Refreshments - Door Prizes - Drawing for Handmade Quilt
Sales Tables and Displays

Pre-registration must be received by October 13 / Tickets at the door $25.00, no lunch.
(Seminar information & registration form are also available on SOCCGS website.)

SOCCGS ‘2010’ Seminar Registration

Name(s)______________________________________________________ Registration:  _______ @ $20.00
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