Saddleback Valley Trails

Vol 4 No 5 Editor: Pat Weeks May 1997

South Orange County California Genealogical Society

P.O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo CA, 92690


Monthly meetings are scheduled for the third Saturday of each month and are held from 10:00 AM to Noon at 27978 Marguerite Parkway (situated between Medical Center Drive and Hillcrest Drive).

17 May 1997 The speaker this month is Beth McCarty, the Director of the Orange Family History Center. Her topic will be "Effective Use of the Family History Center".

21 June 1997 To be announced

19 July 1997 To be announced

Other Local Events

10 May 1997 Bakersfield 2nd Annual Scottish Gathering and Games, at Kern County Fairgrounds in Bakersfield.

31 May 1997 The North San Diego County Genealogical Society holds its seminar "Doing Genealogy on the Internet" with speakers Barbara Renick and Richard Wilson. 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., at the Carlsbad Senior Center, 779 Pine Ave., Carlsbad CA. Registration fee is $15, but seating is limited, so it is suggested that you call first.

19-21 July 1997 Genealogical Society of Hispanic America Southern CA chapter hosts the 9th annual conference at Seaport Marina Hotel in Long Beach CA. Friday's reception at the Latin American Museum in Long Beach. Saturday's program of speakers, networking events and workshops, followed by a banquet in the evening. Sunday is another day of speakers and network groups. Speakers include Paul Apodaca, Marty Grejada, Rick Hendricks speaking on "The Vargas Project" and Rev Patrick J. McPolin who will speak on "The Romance of the Ranchos: A History of Dominguez Rancho from 1769-1922", Joseph Sanchez on "Explorers, Traders & Slavers" and Angelina Veyna will give a presentation on "Women in Colonial New Mexico".

4-5 October 1997 Irvine Regional Park Centennial Celebration, with events beginning in June. See flier in this newsletter.


Effective June 2, 1997, the Laguna Niguel National Archives Research facilities will no longer be open on the first Saturday of each month. This policy will remain in effect at least through September 1997.


We welcome the following new members:

Georgia Meissenburg
Robert L. Moore
Saralee Marshall
Archie J. Bakay
Linda Dibble
Linda Mason Merle

Guests at our past meeting included Val Grishkoff, Barbara Raylman, Chris Carlson and Beverly Huffman. Please visit us again, better still, we would love to have you as members.

Iris Graham reports that we now have 170 active members in our organization. And, we're growing every day!!!


The May 28th Safari is planned for a trip to the Huntington Beach Library. As usual, we will meet in the parking lot at 9:30 a.m. sharp. Don't forget to bring your lunch.


Hezekiah SMITH, born 1789 in SC, son of Henry SMITH, b 1754 VA, m Mary THOMAS in 1812 and died 1854 Franklin Co GA. I am seeking info on Mary THOMAS Smith. Statistics - parents- siblings, place of marriage, etc. All SMITHS have a "Mary",so, can someone help with a Mary THOMAS? Beverly Long, 8-U Via Castilla, Laguna Hills CA 92653

Need help sorting out parents and children of the DANIS family of Kaskaskia Illinois Country, around 1800-1810. Genevieve and Charles Danis (prob bro and sister) appear 1820s in Washington Co MO. How do they fit into the French DANIS family of Fort Charters, Randolph Co, IL? Pat Weeks, 33412 Sea Bright Dr, Dana Pt Ca 92629 <>

Genealogy is like a sex life.
Mine is fascinating,
Yours is a bore.
Except, of course,
Yours crosses mine.


If you have been unable to prove or disprove an "old family tale" concerning Indian ancestry, there may be a solution to your problem. An extremely rare mutation of the "Y" chromosome may be a genetic marker unique to the people who migrated to the Americas some 30,000 years ago. Stanford University researchers, using a new method of scanning genetic changes, have found a mutation that in the sample exists only in Indian populations in North and South American and in Eskimo groups.

The lead author of the Stanford Research Study noted, "In only one chromosome in all the worlds was there this change."

So, that old family tale may be true to a degree, but you will still have to prove to what tribe of American Indian you belong. Seeking the answer will involve a trip to your physician or optometrist and dentist.

The eyes of American Indians and Blacks carry a pigmentation peculiar to them. This is in the back of the eye on the retina. Using his light, your physician/optometrist/ophthalmologist can determine if you do or do not have the malanin. Your dentist can detect if you have a Carrabelli cusp on the maxillary first molars. Counting from the center front of your upper teeth, the sixth tooth on the back on each side is your maxillary. The cusp is present on those of strictly western European origin, but missing on those of Asian or American Indian heritage.(T. L. & M. Genealogy, The Talbot Library & Museum, PO Box 349 Colcord OK 74338, via Somos Primos, Spring 1997)


To remove a mildewy smell from books, wipe any loose mold or moldy pages with a cloth. If the pages are damp, sprinkle them with cornstarch or talcum powder. After a few hours, brush off.

Very musty books can be sealed in a bag with cat litter or baking soda. After a couple of weeks, the books should be fragrance-free.

Or, do as some libraries do: Seal the books in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer for a week or so.


Well, first, remember when we published Judy Deeter's article entitled "Spanish American Monument at Irvine Park" in the Dec 1996Trails. I promised to take a ride up there and copy the muster roll of Co L, 7th Calvary Volunteer Infantry, Spanish American War as it appeared on the monument.

I finally made a trip up there, and what a treat it was. As Judy said, the setting is lovely. On the next page is the complete muster roll.

On the reverse side of the monument is this:

In memoriam:

Louis W. Baker

Guy W. Halladay

Constantine L. North

William P. Northcross

Gave the utmost - USS Maine, destroyed in Havana Harbor, Feb 15, 1898.

(This plaque) cast from metal recovered from the USS Maine.

Muster Roll Co. L 7th California Vol Infantry

Spanish American War


Solomon H. Finley, Captain

Walter A. Greenleaf, First Lieut.

Lewis L. Vestal, Second Lieut.

George H. Magill, First Sergeant

Allan F. Smith, Quartermaster Sergeant


Leo R Brock John C. Abbey Charles W Hannah

Louis A Barrett Gilbert P. Campbell


William B Bowers Albert H. Sitton Hugh M Day

Gilbert E. Johnson Francis S. Weber Thomas M McReynolds

Clyde L. Bishop Emerson Collier Royal C McClay

William A. Eades Albert P Dresser

Artificers Wagoner Musicians

Louis W. Baker Anton L Walker Baynard E. Nourse

Linton E. Manuel Myron C Holderman


Adams, Charles H

Adams, Leonidas H

Allen, Martin

Austin, James A

Barker, Cahrles W

Barton, Ernest F

Bowman, Charles E

Bradbury, Edward R

Brown, Thomas

Bush, David

Carmack, Lee

Chandler, Leroy L

Chase, Henry A

Clough, Emery A

Colley, Harry

Cooper, Marriot C

Day, Alonzo

Dilley, Elmer

Dilley, Thomas

Dunham, William

Ellis, John C

Evans, Edward

Farmer, James

Field, David D

Field, Gary M

Fish, Birney

Fox, George K

Gladden, Morgan L

Glasser, William L

Halladay, Guy W

Hatfield, Joseph S

Hickey, Edwin C

Higgens, Willie

Higley, Henry F

Hossler, Frank C

Imes, Clinton

Johnson, Thomas B

Johnson, David J

Johnson, John

Kepley, Charles W

Kolberg, Charles F W

Kuizenga, Edward N

Kurtz, Oscar S

Light, Harry B

Littlefield, Roscoe

Love, John

Lutz, Benjamin

Lutz, Fred W

Lyon, Perry O

McDivitt, William L

McGougan, Joohn O

McMurry, Bert C

McNaught, Charles W

Mefford, Joseph

Minter, Charles A

Muffleman, Henry J.

Nail, Warner P

Newman, Arthur

Nigg, Wolfgang

North, Constantine L

Northcross, Bob

Northcross Nelms N

Northcross, William

Ogborn, Everett F

Overshiner, Clifton J

Peabody, Henry

Prichard, William W

Renner, William

Shannon, Samuel

Sisson, Wilbert R

Smith, Walter

Steadman, Alvirus R

Talbott, Glenn E

Thomas, Henry

Truman, Thomas J

Turner, Charles E

Upham, Harry G

Vegeley, Raymond F

Waffle, Charles E

Warling, Olaf N

Wilms, Joseph J

Woodrome, Henry L

Zerman, Victor E

Twilight Zone in Dana Point?

Our Cousin, Judy Pearson, owns The Traditions Restaurant on Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point. This charming place is filled with antiques, giving it charm and allure: it also as serves up delicious food.

In one window are hung two antique leaded glass windows. One is inscribed:

"Mary Craig,
born 8 Sept 1786 , died 3 August 1876
And call them blessed"

The other says:

"Eliza H. Craig, age 91
cast me not off in the time of old age,
forsake me not when my strength faileth".

These windows supposedly came from a church in Texas.

Now cousin Judy - not a smoker, nor drinker, nor cult addict, relays this story. She first took on these windows as consignment. When she picked them up and was loading them into her van, the previous owner, as an afterthought, said, "you know, these are haunted". Well, you have to know Judy to know this affected her in no way. No one, no thing, daunts Judy!

The windows were hung upstairs in the restaurant, and Judy enjoyed them so much that she eventually bought them herself. In this way she did not ever have to think of relinquishing them to a future prospective buyer. Then one Friday night, while the restaurant was catering aparty, Judy noticed that there was smoke coming up from a ficus plant, just next to the lead glass window of Mary Craig. Judy's first reaction was that something was burning in the kitchen below. But there was no smell of burnt food.. The smoke continued to form a faint picture of a lady with long curly hair which then faded away.

No nonsense Cousin Judy dismissed this as fatigue, for no one else had seen this abberation. The incident was forgotten until months later when the original owner of the windows came into the restaurant. Judy jokingly said, "I think I saw Mary Craig" and the former owner asked, "was it in the form of smoke?"

Well, that is my new research object. Who were Mary and Eliza Craig? How did they die? What was their life like? If you have any clues, contact <>


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