Saddleback Valley Trails

Vol 3 No 5 Editor: Pat Weeks May 1996

South Orange County California Genealogical Society

P.O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo, CA 92690


Monthly Meetings are scheduled for the third Saturday of each month and are held from 10:00 a.m. to Noon at the Norman P. Murray Community Center, 24932 Veterans Way, Mission Viejo CA.

18 May 1996 The speaker this month is Dee Semon, and her topic will be Immigration and Naturalization.

19 June 1995 Joe Osterman of the Saddleback Area Historical Society will talk on the history of Saddleback Valley and its pioneer families.

13 July Program to be announced. NOTE: date changed for this meeting and the October meeting from customary 3rd Saturday to the 2nd Saturday. Mark your calendars!!!

Other Events

18-19 May 1996 Saddleback Area Historical Society will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Rancho La Canada de Los Alisos, the 100th anniversary of El Toro Memorial Park, and the 30th anniversary of Mission Viejo. A plaque will be placed at the adobes in Sycamore Park at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, followed by Rancho Days Fiesta at Heritage Hill Park, with food, music, period crafts. At 5 to 9 p.m. a concert and art show will be held at the World Cup Soccer Center in Mission Viejo. Reservations required for the concert. At 2 p.m. on Sunday there will be a one hour program and tour of the cemetery.

29-30 June 1996 San Diego Scottish Highland Games & Gathering of the Clans, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Rancho Santa Fe Park in San Marcos CA. Call (619)645-8080

29 July 1996 Soc. Of Hispanic His & Ancestral Research, "Getting it all on Paper - Its time to publish" at Orange FHC Orange CA. Call Mimi

21-22 Sept. 1996 Family History Fair sponsored by San Diego Gen. Society, at Scottish Rite Center, 1895 Camino Del Rio South, Mission Valley.


New members are:

Betty McKenzie

William & Gayle Gilbert

Membership renewals were received from H. Lowell & Jacque Smith, Roy Cibulk, Norma Wilson, Bob Weatherly, Marjorie Strachan, Arlene Schreder, Frederick Sandell, Vernie Gallagher and Annabelle Farago.

Our guests this April meeting were Betty McKenzie, Mary Bump and Beverly Thornton.

Iris Graham, membership chairperson, reported we have 133 active members.


SOCCGS received donations totaling $138 this past month and we would like to thank these donors. A particular thanks goes to the California Southern Division of the National Society of the Magna Charta Dames who presented the Society with $100 gift to purchase books pertaining to that historical era.


According to SOCCGS by-laws, the by-laws themselves are to be reviewed this year. The committee chosen to do this is as follows:

Chairperson: Mary Ellen Lytle

Members: Peg Axlund

Eleanor & George McInnis

Warren Bruns

The committee will be meeting 23 May 1996. If a member knows of any changes needed to our present by-laws, please feel free to contact a committee member. All suggestions will be considered at the review meeting.

Irish-Scotch Mini Seminar

The Irish/Scotch "Gaelic" Interest group of the Orange County California Genealogical Society will host a mini seminar on May 4 at the Huntington Beach Central Library on 7111 Talbert Street in Huntington Beach. Registration will be a 12:30 pm, admission is free. 12:45 Nancy Bier will speak on Census and Census Substitutes in Ireland. At 2:00 Lavinia "Billie" McDaniel Bailey will speak on "Scottish Heritage and What You Would Like to Know about Clans, Tartans, etc."

Surfing at

the National Archives

The National Archives at 24000 Avila Rd, Laguna Niguel CA will soon have available to patrons two computer stations which can be used to access information on the World Wide Web. Although a patron can send e-mail from this station, no e-mail will be received by any patron.This is a trial program; only two sites are providing this service, our Pacific South-West region NA and the Motion Picture division of the NA. Usage will be limited to 30 minute increments And will run for four weeks only.This is exciting!


There is now a genealogy program on local radio station. Brad York, well-known local genealogist and President of the San Diego Computer Genealogical Society hosts the program titled, "Climbing Your Family Tree" , which airs from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Saturday nights over KSDO, 1130 am on your radio dial.

The first show was broadcast March 2nd. The show format consists of listener call-in questions to be answered on the air.

(Paths to the Past, North San Diego Co Gen Soc.)

April 1996)


Always write the Date as Day - Month - Year to avoid misunderstandings.

When you read 4-3-42 does it refer to April 3, 1942 or March 4 1942, or can it even possibly mean April 3, 1642?

Of course, in some instances it is possible to extrapolate the century involved from other dates you may have on a form or in a letter, but that isn't always the case, especially if all of the dates surrounding it use the same notation.

Most people would also assume that this format refers to the American standard of month-day-year. But the European standard is different: day-month-year.

Add this to the problem of the numbers assigned to each month. For example, at one time March was the first month, not January, resulting in a different (and possibly confusing) numbering system. For example, in this system, October would be the eighth month (rather than the tenth as it is today) and December would be the tenth month (rather than the twelfth).

So, to avoid any possible misunderstandings, always write dates in day-month-year order, with the month spelled out (or abbreviated at minimum). Write it as 13 January 1953 (or 13 Jan 1953) not 1-13-53. After all, searching for ancestors is tough enough without having to make it more difficult by littering your notes with cryptic dates.(Genealogical Helper, March-April 1996)


George B. Everton, Sr. President of Everton Publishers, died 11 march 1996 in Logan Utah. He was born 9 Sept 1904 in Logan, Utah. Mr. Everton was a long-time merchant in Logan. In 1952 he succeeded his father as President of Everton Publishers, who are best known for their publication of the Handy Book for Genealogists and The Genealogical Helper. With wife, Ellen, he traveled throughout the US conducting family history workshops for many years. He leaves a profound legacy. His contributions to family/ancestor research will continue to impact the genealogy world for years and years to come.

(Genealogical Helper, March/April 1996)

Dot-Matrix Printer Needed

Anyone out there with an old dot matrix printer sitting in the garage that they would like to sell?? Pam Ferguson, is looking for one such dinosaur, with continuous feed, and with good quality print, in the range of $35 to $50.

How to Write a Query

Be brief: Don't lose your query in a long, flowery letter that tells how your grandfather came over on the Mayflower, when what you really want pertains to a 1900 obit. One question per sentence and one subject per paragraph is a good guide Keep your letter to one page.

Be specific: Follow the four W's - Who, What, Where and When. Give full names and as definite a date and place as you can. Don't write, "send me Grandma's obit. She died there a long time ago".

Be Reasonable: Don't ask for "everything you have " about any subject or person. If necessary write additional letters.

Be understood: Type or print your letter neatly on standard sized paper. Little note cards tend to get lost.

Be courteous: Enclose a SASE. This means Self Addressed Stamped Envelope, with correct postage! Offer to pay for photographs or copies. Use words like please and thank you. Enclose several dollars for the cost of handling your query. Ask for, do not demand, information.

Be thoughtful: Offer to exchange information and research whenever possible. Send along family group sheets and charts for the society's files.

Be correct: Proof read you letter.

Be organized: Keep a copy of your letter in your files and file the replies with it.

Be smart: Well-written queries are easy to answer and are much more apt to be answered.

Be patient: Remember most societies operate with volunteers. Allow plenty of time for a reply. (Lycoming Lineage, March/April 1996, Lycoming PA)


U.S. microfilm files from the National Homes (the forerunners of Veterans Administration Hospitals) are available from your local LDS FHC. Files of Civil War through World War I Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, 1866-1937 are available. The files contain information on approximately 350,000 veterans. The files are catalogued under the heading "U.S. - Military" (Marin Co. CA.Gen Soc., Vol 17, #2)


Did you know that in 19th century rural America the radius of the average pool of potential spouses was about five miles? This was the distance a man could comfortably walk twice on his day off when he went courting. Parish registers bear this out. Then, with the spread of the bicycle in the 1870s, the radius of the pool was extended to 25 miles. (From the New Yorker, via Kith and Kin, Vol 8 #3, Sept/Oct 1991)


"Overheard" on the Prodigy Genealogy Bulletin Board: "I direct a Family History Center in Olympia, WA, and I often forget people's names. On one occasion when that happened, I apologized and told the man I had forgotten his name. He replied, "Of course you have, Alice, I'm not dead yet." (Orange Co CA Gen Soc Newsletter, April 1996)

Epitaph: (Source unknown)

Here lieth Richard Dent

In his last tenement. (1709)


HYNAN Researching the surname HYNAN. Please contact Mary Hynan, e- mail or 48 Iowa Ave, Lake Hopacong NJ 07849.

McKILLEN Wish to locate distant cousins James F. & Ruth McKILLEN who lived at 2200 E. Wilshire Ave., Fullerton CA in 1986. John R. Logue at

CHRISTIAN Searching for parents/siblings of Elizabeth SCALES, b. Ca 1818-SCALES 1820 in Georgia who married William Jackson CHRISTIAN 20 Apr 1837, Elbert Co. GA. Beverly Long, 8-U Via Castilla, Laguna Hills CA 92653.

JURGENS Looking for Anna Elizabeth JURGENS nee KOHLER, born abt 1835 in the parish of Sollingen Germany. Other family members are Julius and Sophie. Elsie Anderson, 3054-C Via Serena, Laguna Hills, CA 92653.

GRANDSTAFF/ Looking for any GRANDSTAFF/GRANSTAF in Ohio. Contact Judy GRANSTAF Deeter. 4 Altezza Dr., Mission Viejo Ca 92692-5107

PERTHUIS Have researched surname PERTHUIS in Canada, Detroit and ARCOUET/ Upper Mississippi Valley. Need to collaborate with anyone

ALMET/PLACET researching this family in lower Mississippi Valley. Will gladly

CHABOT share all I have. Also looking for origins of Francois ARCOUET/ PORTAIS ALMET/PLACET who married in 1828 at Old Mines MO. to Marguerite CHABOT,Widow of Jean PORTAIS, Pat Weeks, 33412 Sea Bright Dr., Dana Point CA 92629-1133


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