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Vol 2 No 5 Editor: Pat Weeks May 1995

South Orange County California Genealogical Society

P. O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo CA, 92690


SOCCGS meetings are scheduled for the third Saturday of each month and begin at 10:00 a.m. and end at noon. They are held at:

Norman P. Murray Community Center

24932 Oso Viejo Drive

Mission Viejo, CA.

20 May 1995 The guests at this monthly meeting are Donald and Mary Decker. They will discuss with us the task of writing out personal memoirs. Those SOCCGS members who have taken writing seminars held by the Deckers are very enthusiastic and we are looking forward to a pleasant presentation that promises to be helpful and encouraging.

17 June 1995 Meeting as usual. Program to be announced.

15 July 1995. Meeting as usual. Program to be announced.


3-6 May 1995 The National Genealogical Society will hold its' annual conference at the Town & Country Hotel and Convention Center in San Diego. Brochures are available at the back table.

7 May 1995 The Orange County CA Gen. Society will host an Irish/Scottish Family History Day on Sunday, May 7th, from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Dr Brian Trainor, Director of Ulster Historical Foundation of Belfast, Northern Ireland will speak at this meeting to be held at the Green Valley Adult Clubhouse, 17250 Los Jardines West, Fountain Valley, CA.

19-21 May 1995 The 11th Annual Buscando Nuestras Raices Conference of the Society of Hispanic Historical & Ancestral Research will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Golden West College, 15744 Golden West St., Huntington Beach CA. The theme, "Using Hispanic Genealogical Data to Enhance US History" will be addressed by a slate of speakers. Two of the many distinguished speakers featured that day will be Dr. J. Leon Helguera of Vanderbuilt University, Nashville TN and Dr Eric Van Young, University of San Diego at La Jolla.

12-14 October 1995 The First Annual Institute on Professional Genealogy will be held at Ramada Hotel, Santa Ana Ca. Helen M. Leary will present 'A Practical Guide to Getting, Keeping, and Billing Clients". For further information contact Sheila Benedict, CGRS, Institute Chairman, (909)928-9875

C-212 RootstampsÔ


Welcome to the following new members:

Annabelle Farago #0145

24731 Camden Ct

Laguna Niguel, CA 92677-2192

Karen Malone #0146

8207 Owens St.

Buena Park, CA 90621

The following members have renewed their membership for the year: Virginia Akers, Raymond J. Brucks, Gail DeShane, Sherry Donaldson, Georgiana S. Emery, Sherrie A & Mary E. King, Robert & Ellen LaLonde, Bea Norred, Patricia Stafford, John Williams,and Norma Wilson.


Having trouble getting group sheets returned from family members? Make them out as completely as possible, but add 10 years to the age of the person (you are requesting the information from). It is usually returned very quickly. (Hemet-San Jacinto Gen Soc Aug 1994

You don't see the suffix "kin" much anymore as a diminutive. Once, though, it was pretty common. "Lambkin" meant "little lamb," still does. In surnames, "little Adam" was """Adamkin""" then shortened to "Atkins", "Peterkin" wound up as "Perkins", "Johnkin" as "Jenkins" and "Walterkin" as "Watkins". (The Orange Co Register, April 8, 1995)


The Los Angeles Public Library Catalog is now available on Internet. The Library's Business-Economics Department has produced a "Users' Guide" explaining step-by-step how to access and use the Catalog via Internet.

Remember, the Rootstamps Catalog is available at the back table.


Genealogy has never been the most exact of sciences. Tracing family histories with little more than tombstones and yellowed courthouse paper leaves plenty of room for red herrings. Recently we heard of the "mother" of all dead ends. An anguished researcher, and no doubt others, had been duped by the work of a mischievous genealogist years earlier.

A family line he was documenting (which kept turning up connections he thought were too good to be true) eventually led back to a genealogist named Gustave Anjou. Anjou traced the histories of more than 100 families before his death in 1942, including genealogies of the CARTER, DUPONT, LINCOLN, THOMPSON and WILSON clans. Many, it turns out, were fraudulent, consisting not of glaring lies, but of little forgeries and fibs that inaccurately linked g-g-g-grandparents with historical figures.

Such well-crafted fibs are now hard to eradicate, having made their way into respectable genealogical source books and data banks used by many tracers of family lines. Do check your documentation to insure the branches of your family tree are not poisoned. (PA. Gen Soc. Mar/Apr 1995, via ,WAGS G.S.N.O.C.C.S, Apr 95)


The MV Family History Center will hold a Family Fair on Friday, 21 July, from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Family sagas and stories of ancestors will be presented in vignettes on that evening. If you wish to participate, contact Linda Dibble at 582-0285


First we heard that the FHL was to publish a new series of genealogical word lists. These lists include translations for about 900 words that you would likely find in genealogical sources. These lists are available for Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, German and Latin languages. Now the latest news out is that the lists have been so popular that Utah now reports "copies of each of the word lists were sent to our family history centers where you are welcome to use them and copy the pages you may need." (StLGS News'N'Notes Apr 1995)


24 yr old Henry BOYD marr. 16 yr old Virginia SILLS in Lyon Co KY on 7 Sept 1855. In the 1860 census of that county, this couple have two sons, John, b 1856 and David b 1858. A third son Sydney Robert BOYD was born that year. On 1870 census Sydney is 9 yrs old, living w/ Caleb STONE in Lyon Co who is not a relative. Henry, wife and older sons are not in the county, and Sydney was raised to adulthood by Caleb STONE. What happened to Henry and Virginia? Were their sons also in other people's homes, or were they all dead? If they left the state, why wasn't Sydney taken along? BOYD grandparents were deceased and I cannot find John and David BOYD in a SILLS home. Beverly Boyd LONG, 8-U via Castilla, Laguna Hills CA 92683-3712

Need info on parents of Carga SHANNON,b. 1825, Ohio. Pls contact Pat HRUSKA, 107-C Via Estrada, Laguna Hills CA.


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