Saddleback Valley Trails

Vol 5 No 4 Editor: Pat Weeks April 1998

South Orange County California Genealogical Society

P. O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo, CA. 92690


Monthly meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month from 10:00 A.M. to Noon, at the Institute Building, 27978 Marguerite Pkwy in Mission Viejo, between Medical Center Drive and Hillcrest Drive. Membership is open to anyone wishing to join. Membership fees are $20 per calendar year.

18 April 1998 Guest speaker is Dee Semon, who will talk on "Immigration and Naturalization".

16 May 1998 Leland Pound is returning to discuss "The Uses and Misuses of Census Records".

20 June 1998 The topic of this lecture is `Dating and Identifying 19th and Early 20th Century Photographs" by David Drake. Mr. Drake is a professor of photography at Cypress College and has been involved in genealogy for ten years.

Other Local Events

25 April 1998 Family History Fair at the Orange Stake Center, Family History Library, 674 Yorba St., Orange Ca. Five sessions of classes offered, 9:00 A.M. to 4:40 P.M. There is no charge for classes or displays. A box lunch can be ordered for $6.00 if ordered before April 20th. For further information, call (714)997-7710

30 & 31 May 1998 Annual Genealogical Jamboree, to be held by the Southern California Genealogical Society. Ten speakers, classes, book dealers' tables and knowledgeable volunteers from local societies, to be held at the Pasadena Center, 300 East Green St., Pasadena, CA. Admission charge of $10 for one day, $15 for both days. Doors open at 8:30 A.M. each day, closing time is 6:30 on Saturday, and 5:00 P.M. on Sunday.


As of 12 March of this year we had a current membership count of 228 persons.


The safari committee has plans to visit the Los Angeles Public Library in the month of April. In May they would like to organize car pools to the Southern California Genealogical Society Annual Jamboree. If interested in either trip, contact Shirley Fraser at 837-5566.


The SOCCGS has received two donations this past month . We wish to publically thank the National Society of Women Descendants of the Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company and the Southern California Division of Magna Charta Dames National Society.


The Family History Center at Mission Viejo has announced that it now has available the update of the IGI International Genealogical Index. This new addition includes the addition of 43 million names, bringing the holding to a total of 283 million records.

We also understand that the Ancestral File is being updated, and should be available sometime this year.

PAF Companion Program

There is a Windows-based utility program for the PAF 3.0 or later, now available which provides flexible report options including choice of event and date formats, place names, unlimited generations, RIN, landscape or portrait pages, scaleable text and boxes. Prints high quality reports, charts, and you can create narrative reports which can be used with MS Word, WordPerfect, Lotus AmiPro, MS Write and MS Works. Cost of $10, Stock #50094. Order forms available at the FHC office or you can order by phone, 1-800-3685


The Genealogical Book Shop at the Huntington Beach Library at 7111 Talbert Avenue, Huntington Beach is open the following hours:

Tues-Thursday 11:00 to 7:00

Friday & Saturday, 11:00 to 4:30

Phone number is (714)842-4481

DAR Lineage Books Online

Fifty volumes of the Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books are now available on, Ancestry's Web site , for subscribers to search. This is a major release of genealogy records in electronic format. It contains thousands of references to U.S. Revolutionary War ancestors and their descendants. It was created from the Lineage Books of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution from information submitted by tens of thousands of individuals. (Chicago G.S. March 1998)


The Mission Viejo Family History Center is again offering genealogy classes beginning April 7th. These classes will meet weekly, form 7 to 9 p.m. and run for ten weeks. These include introductory genealogy class, computer class and a writing class. Reservations are required, so if interested call (714)364-2742.


If you have Tennessee ancestors you might like to place a query in a newspaper genealogical column in the Nashville area. There is such a column published each Wednesday in the "Nashville Banner". You may send your query to: David R. Logsdon, Nashville Banner, 1100 Broadway, Nashville, TN, 37203 (Gen Soc. Of N. Orange Co, Mar 1998)


We wish to send our wishes for a speedy recovery to Connie Smith, the Assistant Director of the Mission Viejo Family History Center who had surgery last week, and will be returning to the Center in about six weeks. Get well, Connie. Now you have time to get that genealogy finished!


A 1790 census taker had written the following: "Sirs, I beg to report that I have been dog-bit, goose-pecked, cow-kicked, briar-scratched, shot at, and called every "fowel" name that can be tho't of. I have worked twelve days and made $2. I have had enough and I beg to resign my position as a census taker for Crittden Township". (The Genealogist, Conejo Valley, Oct 1997, via WAGS, Jan 1998)


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Land Grant Maps, covering parts of Chester, Fairfield, Greenville, Laurens, Newberry, Spartanburg & Union Counties in South Carolina

Map of Province of New York - 1779 (in two parts)

Map of Mamaroneck, Scarsdale, White Plains, Harrison & Rye (New York) - 1867

Map of Counties of Albany & Schenectady (New York) - 1865

Map of Hartford, Connecticut - 1640

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Orange County, Virginia, Court Orders, 1734-1741: An Every-name Index

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A Guide to County and Municipal Records on Microfilm
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The Ohio Genealogical Society Newsletter, Vol. 28, # 12, Dec. 1997

Newsletter of the Wood County Chapter Ohio Genealogical Society for the years 1994--1997


The following books have been purchased due to your generous contributions to our 50/50 envelopes.

Abstracts of North Carolina Wills, 1663-1760" by J. Brian Grimes

Abstracts of North Carolina Wills, 1760-1800 by Fred A. Olds

Inhabitants of New Hampshire in 1776 by Emily S. Wilson

Colorado Families, A Territorial Heritage, by Colorado Gen. Society

Runaway Servants, Convicts and Apprentices Advertised inn the PA Gazeteer, by Farley Grubb

Iowa Marriages, Early to 1850 (microfiche) by Liahana Research

Alabama Marriages, Early to 1825 (microfiche) by Liahana Research

Indiana Marriages, Early to 1825 (microfiche) by Gordon R. Dodd

Genealogical Dictionary of Main & New Hampshire, by Sybil Noyes

Ten Thousand Missouri Taxpayers by Sherida Eddlemon Missouri Genealogical Gleanings, Vol 2 By Sherida Eddlemon

Following is a list of the new envelopes which have been opened this month and are available for donations to complete the 50% of the purchase cost.

Bermuda Settlers of the 17th Century by Julia E. Mercer

Early Planters of Scituate (MA), by Harvey Hunter Pratt

Free African Americans of N.C. and VA By Paul Heinegg

VA Rev. Publick Claims, Iberia Publishing Co New England Historical & Genealogical Research. Weights, Money and Other Measures Vital Statistics of Seabrook N.H., 1768-1903
Compiled by William Haslet Jones

History of Fairfield CT by Elizabeth Hubbell Schenk

Civil War CD Rom by Guild Press of Indiana

10,000 Vital Records of Central New York, 1813-1850

New York State Census of Albany County Towns, 1790, by Kenneth Scott

Register of Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, NY, 1700 by Tevnis G. Bergen

If you have any books you would like to see purchased, please let the Book Committee know about it.


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