Saddleback Valley Trails

Vol 3 No 4 Editor: Pat Weeks April 1996

South Orange County California Genealogical Society

P.O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo, CA 92690


Monthly meetings are scheduled for the third Saturday of each month and are held from 10 a.m. to Noon at the Norman P. Murray Community Center, 24932 Veterans Way, Mission Viejo, CA

20 April 1996 Kathleen Voshall, a member of the Southern California Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, will be our speaker at this meeting to talk about "Ohio Canals"

18 May 1996 Our speaker this meeting will be Dee Semon, and the topic is Immigration and Naturalization.

15 June 1996 The topic of this meeting is "History of Saddleback Valley" and will be given by Joe Osterman of the Saddleback Area Historical Society. Mr Osterman has published 3 books and will be talking about the pioneer families of this area.


We have been informed that there is a conflict of schedule at the Community Center and we are forced to change our meeting dates for the months of July and October to the second Saturdays. Please note it on your calendar!


8 April 1996 Yorba Linda Heritage Museum, "Yorba Linda Tract" by J. Loren Kemper, 7-9 p.m. at the Yorba Linda Community Center.

13-14 April 1996 The Annual Genealogical Jamboree of the Southern California Genealogical Society is being held at 300 E. Green St., Pasadena, CA.

Saturday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, and Sunday: 9:00 am to 5 pm., Fee of $7 for one day or $12 for both days, Parking $5 each day.

20 April 1996 The Orange Family History Center, 674 Yorba Street, Orange will hold a Family History Fair, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission free.

18-19 May 1996 Saddleback Area Historical Society will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Rancho La Canada de los Alisos, the 100th anniversary of El Toro Memorial Park and the 30th anniversary of Mission Viejo. At 9:30 a.m. on Saturday a plaque will be placed at the adobes in Sycamore Park, followed by the Rancho Days Fiesta at Heritage Hill Park with food. music, period crafts. At 5 to 9 p.m. a concert and art show will be held at the World Cup Soccer Center in Mission Viejo. The concert requires reservations. At 2 p.m. on Sunday there will be a one hour program of music and a tour of the cemetery.


Sorry, the presses must go to work, and the editor has not received the names of new members and members renewing, so they will have to be printed in the May edition.

First time visitors at our March meeting were Willis Wyatt, Cathy Hagan, Gerald Huth, Lonnie Martez, Nancy Williams Hoag and Grace Casia. Apologies if I misspelled any names.


This month the library has received Vol 1 and 3 of the "Genealogical Periodical Annual Index" donated by George and Eleanor McInnis and "Sherman County KS Family History " donated by Eugenia Gannon.

Our librarian, Pat Stafford, informs us that she has run out of space to store any more books, and requests members to hold on to their books until space can be found. Pat will accept books if they are to be thrown out though. She hopes there is a member who could provide space for storage. Edna Diller has offered to house materials, but needs bookcases to store them in. Any member with unused bookcases?


At the March meeting our members were curious as to what happened to the Safari program we enjoyed last fall. Well, last fall, the Safaris just happened, but we really need someone to step forward and start planning some trips and get things organized a bit. Any volunteers for this fun job?


Photographs can be identified as to the time period by determining the type you possess.

Daguerreotype, 1839-1857, invented by L.J.M. Daguerre in 1837. It is the oldest commercially made photo. It is a positive picture that has a shiny mirror-like appearance. It has a fragile silver surface on a copper plate.

Ambrotype, 1852-1863. Invented in 1851 by Archer & Frye, this photo is a positive on glass and will have a coating of red or black or cloth behind the glass. These photos are enclosed in cases.

Malainotypes, Ferrotypes or Tintypes, 1856 to 20th century. These are positive images on metal. If the pose was formal, the earlier the time. Compare clothing fashions for an era time clue.

Carte de Viste 1859-1914, invented by Window in 1866, this was a negative 41/2 by 61/2 and found in albums and wall frames. If the photo is an oval pasted on a card or if it is surrounded by dark grey or a black mount, it was probably made after 1900.

The Post Card 1905-1930. These were popular and sometimes they were mailed. Look for the postmark. (Tri-State Trader via Lafayette County WI Workshop, no dates)


Of deep concern to most family historians and genealogists is what will become of the collection of books and magazines acquired during the better part of a lifetime of research after the researcher's death. Too frequently, friends and relatives are unaware of our specific wishes in this regard. There is, however, a simple solution. Have a short paragraph added to your will leaving no doubt as to your wishes regarding both your personal library and the product of your research - the family histories you have compiled but never got around to publishing. The following paragraph can serve, or your attorney can quickly modify it to be in compliance with local laws:

I direct my executor/executrix to box the following genealogical publications and compilations for donation to the ____________ Genealogical Society for appropriate disposition/retention by that Society for the benefit of family history researchers in _________County, __________.

( ) All family history materials of which I possessed at death.

( ) Only my library of printed reference books and materials.

( ) The unpublished family history manuscript materials on which I was working.

( ) Other (specify below)

The Society's address is:_____________

(CA State Gen Alliance via Gen. Soc. of North Orange Co. CA Newsletter, Feb 1996)


A new camp has been formed in Southern California! Meetings are held in the historic 1888 train depot at Grape Day Park, 321 N. Broadway in Escondido, at 4:00 p.m. on the second Saturday in February, April, June, August October and December. For more information contact:

Commander Gene Armistead
747 Mycorte Dr., Escondido CA 92026
(619) 747-5397
or OCCGS member
Don Hoffer
13461 Elizabeth Way,Tustin CA 92680
(714) 838-0711

(OCCGS Newsletter, March 1996, original source FGS Forum, Fall 1995)

PA State Library Holding

Part of the PA State Library in Harrisburg was contaminated with high levels of lead paint dust during a renovation project. As a result, some of the collections of this library are inaccessible, even to staff members. The main reading room and the genealogy room were not affected. Among the inaccessible materials are newspaper microfilm from 1719 to 1965, bound and unbound newspaper volumes before 1994, bound and unbound periodicals before 1994, periodical microfilm before 1970, reference works (except latest editions) and all older works on PA. There is no estimated date for completion of the cleanup. Rumors have the time in years rather than months. (The Herald, newsletter of the His. Soc. of Millersburg & Upper Paxton, Dauphin Co PA Spring 1996)


1. When researching early rural America, nearly every male can be found in land records.

2. Deeds are one of the few types of records that exist uninterrupted from early settlements to the present.

3. Older records often contain more genealogical data than modern ones.

4. Deeds are among the most accurate and reliable records available to the genealogist.

5. Deeds have been totally indexed over long periods of time.



1. The British Crown made grants or charters to the Colonies form 1606 to 1732.

2. The Colonies transferred land to individual colonists, 1607-1776.

3. States and foreign powers transferred land to the federal government, 1780 - 1876.

4. The federal government transferred land to individuals, 1785 - 1934.

5. Individuals transferred land to other individuals, 1607 to present.

(Lycoming Lineage, March/April 1996)


Grantee-buyer of land

Grantor-seller of land

Rectangular Survey- measure based on principle meridian and base line.

Metes & Bounds-measure based on physical land features and topography.

Warrant-document giving holder right to receive specified land.

Patent-document from government guaranteeing title to land.

Fee Simple-complete and unlimited ownership of land.

Deed-document by which title to land is transferred from one person to another.

Quit Rent-fee paid by land owners to original grantee annually.

Dower Release-document signed by wife relinquishing future claims to land of husband.

Mortgage-Conditional transfer of title to property as security for payment of debt.

Power of Attorney-document allowing one man to act for another in land transfer.

Antenuptial Contract-document delineating property right of couple before marriage.

Adverse Conveyance-land sold out of a large piece of property.

Quit Claim-document indicating that someone is giving up all rights to a parcel of land. many times used in settling an estate.

Warranty Deed-deed which guarantees that the title is clear.

Fiduciary Deed-deed given by an executor or administrator of an estate. Does not guarantee a clear title.

Sheriff's Deed-deed given by the sheriff when the land is sold for a debt or back taxes. Must have a court order. Does not guarantee a clear title.((Lycoming Lineage, March/April 1996)

ONLINE NEWS From Iween2@AOL: "At hand is a letter in my name from a genealogy researcher who claims to have traced my family tree. He certainly knows how to get your attention. It begins, "Your Majesty." (Westward into NE, Nov/Dec 1995 via News'n'Notes, Stlgs Feb 1996)

You know you are a genealogist's spouse when:

You have more pictures of tombstones than you do of the kids.

"I need a little help at the courthouse" means forget the cleaning, dinner, chores; the day is gone! (StLGS News'n'Notes, March 1996, from Pastfinders of So. Lake County FL.)


This editor is desperate for pedigree charts to publish. To combat this problem, I will bore you with another of my lines, a research project I undertook some years ago that brought me great satisfaction. It concerned my maternal descent, now some would say this is wrong and has no place in genealogy, but I beg to differ with those chauvinistic bores! I am very proud of Françoise Missouri, a young Missouri Indian who was the daughter of one of the Missouri Chiefs and was chosen to go to Paris with Etienne de Bourgmont in 1724 at the request of the Company of the Indies and the French crown. Some said she was Bourgmont's mistress. In Paris, Françoise received a flame colored dress with designs of gold flowers, a hooped petticoat, two corsets, six fine blouses, six pair of puffed sleeves, gold and silver ribbons, and a pair of silk stockings. She was also given a repeater watch set with diamonds as a present from the King and Queen. She was taken to Notre Dame Cathedral where she was baptized, and married to François Dubois, Sgt of Bourgmont's garrison at Fort Orleans. Françoise and Dubois returned to Fort Orleans on the Missouri River where shortly thereafter Dubois was killed by the Indians. Francoise promptly remarried Louis Marin LaMarque, and they lived at Kaskaskia on the Mississippi River, in present day Illinois. Françoise passed away in 1739.

Gen 10 Patricia Hennessy who married Bud Weeks. She was daughter of:

Gen 9 Norma Rush, who married John Hennessy. She was daughter of:

Gen 8 Lucy Kidd, who married Clarence Rush. She was daughter of:

Gen 7 Mary Catherine Boyer, who married H. P. Kidd. She was dau of:

Gen 6 Olympi Cecile Ranger who married Charles Boyer. She was dau of:

Gen 5 M. Therese Trudeau who married Lambert Ranger. She was dau of:

Gen 4 Marie Chauvin who married Louis Trudeau. She was dau of:

Gen 3 Marie Hebert who married Pierre Chauvin. She was dau of:

Gen 2 Marie Rose Marin who married Ignace Hebert. She was dau of:

Gen 1 Ignon Quaconisen, daughter of a Missouri chief, (referred to as Francoise, Missouri) who married Louis Marin LaMarque.

SLC Research Available

There is still time to contact Eugenia Gannon and arrange for her to do some research for you while she is at Salt Lake City. For very reasonable rates, she will copy specific information from books, film and or fiche, and search gamily genealogies and County histories for your surnames. Call her evenings and weekends Deadline is April 23rd.


The mail arrived just as this newsletter was about to be sewn up, so we can now welcome the following new members:

Nancy Hoag

Ruthelyn Plummer

The following members have decided to stick with us for another year. Those renewing membership are: Warren and Peggy Bruns, Donald and Darlene Dary,

Georgiana Emery, James Marcoe, Kathleen Mauzey, Pat McCoy, Laura Lee Mitchell, Paula Roberts, Ruth Sheean, Evelyn Shopp, Pat Stafford, Margaret Washburn, John Williams, Mildred Depew, and John Smith.


386 IBM compatible, 40 MHZ, 200 mb hard drive, loaded with Windows 3.1, Word Perfect 6.0a, DOS, PAF, XTREE, and Mickey clock, with keyboard and mouse. Needs printer and monitor. Call Pat Weeks if interested.,


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