Saddleback Valley Trails

Vol 3 No. 3 Editor: Pat Weeks March 1996

South Orange County California Genealogical Society

P.O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo, CA 92690


Monthly meetings are scheduled for the third Saturday of each month and are held from 10 a.m. to Noon at the Norman P. Murray Community Center, 24932 Oso Viejo Drive, Mission Viejo.

16 March 1996 Our speaker this month is Richard Clift. Richard is an Engineer at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, and in his spare time is a genealogist, with 10 generations of family traced as of last count. His position as past Director of the Mission Viejo LDS Family History Center makes him well qualified to address the topic of "Overview of the Local Family History Center".

20 April 1996 Kathleen Voshall, a member of the Southern California Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, will be our speaker at this meeting to talk about "Ohio Canals"

18 May 1996 To be announced.


Present to 24 March 1996 The Riverside Municipal Museum currently is displaying "Nuestros Antepasados: Riverside's Mexican American Community, 1917-1950". The exhibit focuses on the longstanding Mexican American community in Riverside, it's social structures and social dynamics.

13-14 April 1996 The Annual Genealogical Jamboree of Southern CA Gen. Society will be held at 300 E. Green Street, Pasadena, CA.

26-28 April 1996 The Society of Hispanic Historical & Ancestral Research (SHHAR) will hold its' 12th Annual "Buscando Nuestras Raices, a Hispanic Family History Conference" at Golden West College, Huntington Beach, CA.

18-19 May 1996 The Fête à Renault weekend at Old Mines MO. In 1719 Sr Renault established the lead mining project south of present day St Louis at Le Vielle Mine, or Old Mines, Missouri. Today the people of Old Mines celebrate this early activity of French habitants and fur trappers. "They say", if you're into fur trapping, plains indians and mountain men history this is THE rendezvous to attend. This editor has been to two rendezvous and is this year crying her eyes out because she can't attend!


New members this month include:

Barbara Schmiesing R0170
103 Via Ravenna
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Freda Gabriel Covington R0171
31331 Paseo del Sol
Laguna Niguel CA 92677

Doris Douglas R0172
P.O. Box 3941
San Clemente CA 92674

Jeannette Merrilees R0173
160 McKnight Dr.
Laguna Beach CA 92651

Ed Vines R-0174
118-D Via Estrada
Laguna Hills CA 92653

Elsie Anderson R-0175
3054-C Via Serena S.
Laguna Hills CA 92653

Guests at our February meeting were: Jeannette Merrilees, Elsie Anderson, Ed Vines, Wilbur Wright, Arthur Stence, Barbara Wilgus, Timothy J. Wall Jr, Maureen Behrens and Max Rein.

The following members have renewed their membership for another year: Barbara Smith, Jean Nibecker, Tom and Pat Hruska, George and Eleanor McInnis, Ruth Potter, Eugenia Gannon, Ruth Loustaunau, and Pat Weeks.

Genealogy Classes

Mary Ellen Lytle apologizes for not being able to attend the February meeting, and will be there in March to hold the second

basic genealogy class for anyone to attend. Please be there prompt at 9:30, a half hour before the regular meeting, and come prepared with a red pen. Topics discussed will be archives and other resources and census research


John Smith would like to be given the E-mail addresses of any members currently on line.


This editor is amazed that with Grace Clark as the official proof-reader and Norma Hennessy as the unofficial proof-reader the past few months, the spell check, and the editor's dogged vigilance, mistakes still happen! Last month we generously included a query from a non-member, and not so kindly stated Wilheline Minne Krueger Hansen died 3 July 1838. The date should be 1938.

SLC Search in May

Members, I am planning a trip to Salt Lake City in May. I will copy specific items from books, film, fiche, search surnames in county histories and family genealogies for you. Let me chip at the mortar in your brick wall. One hour minimum plus copy charges. Call Eugenia Gannon at Deadline, April 23rd.


Our pedigree chart takkes a new form this month. Member Marjorie Bregar (by the way, probably my nth cousine via the Roy line) sent me this to remind us all how simple one can state the family line. Merci beaucoup, Cousine Marjorie.

9 gen Marjorie Ongie---George Bregar
m. 6 Oct 1934, Mercer PA
8 gen Francis Gregory Ongie---Charlotte Bertrand
m. 4 Aug 1908, Hancock MI
7 gen Napoleon Ongie/Angers---Elizabeth Hofer
m. 1885, Hancock MI
6 gen Charles/Ferdinand Angers---Mary Skelton
m. 16 Aug 1853, Rockland MI
5 gen Francois Anger---Angele Roy
m. 26 Jan 1824, St. Gervais Quebec
4 gen Augustin Lefebvre Angers---Therese Garneau
m. 5 Jan 1773, Neuville, Quebec
3 gen Jean-Baptiste Lefebvre Angers---Marie Josephe Delisle
m. 27 July 1738, Pointe aux Trembles, Quebec
2 gen Francois Lefebvre Angers---Marie Madeleine DeSerre
m. 11 Jan 1703, Pointe aux Trembles, Quebec
1 gen Simon Lefebvre---Marie Charlotte de Poitiers
m. 11 Jan 1667, Quebec City, Quebec


There's been a change in Grandma, we've noticed her of late,
She's always reading history or jotting down some date.
She's tracking back the family, we'll all have pedigrees.
Oh, Grandma's got a hobby, she's climbing Family Trees.

Poor Grandpa does the cooking and now, or so he states,
That worst of all, he has to wash the cups and dinner plates.
Grandma can't be bothered, she's busy as a bee,
Compiling genealogy - for the Family Tree.

She has no time to babysit, the curtains are a fright.
No buttons left on Grandpa's shirt, the flower bed's a sight.
She's given up her club work, and the serials on TV,
The only thing she does nowadays is climb the Family Tree.

She goes down to the courthouse and studies ancient lore,
We know more about our forebears that we ever knew before.
The books are old and dusty, they make poor Grandma sneeze,
A minor irritation when you're climbing Family Trees.

The mail was all for Grandma, it comes from near and far,
Last week she got the proof she deeds to join the DAR.
A worthwhile avocation, to that we all agree,
A monumental project, to climb the Family Tree.

Now some folks came from Scotland and some from Galway Bay,
Some were French as pastry, some German, all the way.
Some went west to stake their claims, some stayed by the sea,
Grandma hopes to find them all as she climbs the Family Tree.

She wanders through the graveyard in search of date or name,
The rich, the poor, the in-between, all sleeping there the same.
She pauses now and then to rest, fanned by a gentle breeze,
That blows above the Fathers of all our Family Trees.

There were pioneers and patriots mixed in our kith and kin,
Who blazed the paths of wilderness and fought through thick and thin.
But none more staunch than Grandma, whose eyes light up with glee,
Each time she finds a missing branch for the Family Tree.

Their skills were wide and varied, from carpenter to cook,
And one, Alas! the record shows was hopelessly a crook.
Blacksmith, weaver, farmer, judge, some tutored for a fee,
Long lost in time, now all recorded on the Family Tree.

To some it's just a hobby, to Grandma it's much more,
She knows the joys and heartaches of those who went before.
They loved, they lost, they laughed, they wept, and now for you and me,
They live again in spirit, around the Family Tree.

At last she's nearly finished and we are each exposed.
Life will be the same again, this we all supposed!
Grandma will cook and sew, serve cookies with our tea,
We'll all be fat, just as before that wretched Family Tree.

Sad to relate, the preacher called and visited for a spell.
We talked about the Gospel, and other things as well.
The heathen fold, the poor, and then -- T'was fate, it had to be,
Somehow the conversation turned to Grandma and the Family Tree.

We tried to change the subject, we talked of everything,
But then in Grandma's voice we heard that old familiar ring.
She told him all about the past and soon was plain to see,
The preacher too was nearly snared by Grandma and the Family Tree.

(The Muskingum, December 1995)


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