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Vol 2 No 3 Editor: Pat Weeks March 1995

South Orange County California Genealogical Society

P.O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo, CA., 92690


SOCCGS meetings are scheduled for the third Saturday of each month and begin at 10:00 a.m., closing at noon. They are held at:

Norman P. Murray Community Center

24932 Oso Viejo Drive

Mission Viejo CA

19 March 1995 meeting will feature William Toeppe who will speak on the topic of beginning German research.

8 April 1995 program to be announced. Please note this is not our regular meeting date. The change was necessitated due to Easter programs at the Center that weekend.


4 March 1995 The Book Faire sponsored by the Orange County CA Genealogical Society will be held at the Huntington Beach Central Library, Rooms C & D, 7111 Talbert Avenue in Huntington Beach from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Workshops will be held in the afternoon.

11 March 1995. The Simi Valley LDS presents Richard Hooverson at their seminar who will speak on American migration and settlement patterns.

11 March 1995. Scripps College, Claremont,, is the site of a meeting sponsored by the German Society of America. Guest speaker will be Larry Jensen who will talk on German research and tools . 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

8-9 April 1995. The annual Genealogical Jamboree of the Southern CA. Genealogical Society is being held at the Pasadena Center, 300 E. Green St., Pasadena. Cost is $7 for one day, $12 for both days, and $5 parking fee each day. For more information, call (818)843-2747

3-6 May 1995 The annual conference of the National Genealogical Society will be held at the Town and Country Hotel and Convention Center in San Diego this year. Brochures are available on the back desk.


has not disappeared! It is again being introduced in Sacramento, and may just have a chance of being passed unless we get out those letters to our Assemblymen again. AB 3170 would seal birth records for 100 years, and marriages and deaths for 50 years. In addition, all records depositories that hold vital records would be required to return them to the State Registrar for central storage. This includes private depositories, such as libraries and FHCs, and will directly affect your research! Start writing letters again!


Welcome to the following new members:

Gloria Padach 2-18-95 #0139

302 Harold Dr.

Laguna Beach CA 92651

Thomas & Patricia Hruska, 2-18-95

#0140 & #0141

107-C Via Estrada

Laguna Hills, CA 92653-4007

Dorothy Behlow 2-9-95 #0142

23442 El Toro Rd., E110

Lake Forest, CA 92630

The following members have renewed their membership for the year: Mary Caldwell, Roy & Dorothy Cibulk, Donald Dary, Judy Deeter, Mildred Depew, Anne & Joseph Gallagher, Iris Graham, Mel Kinnee, James Marcoe, George & Eleanor McInnis, Diane Miller, Jean Nibecker, Clarence Oliver, Ruth Potter, Rhobie Reed-Curtis, Ruth Sheean, Barbara Smith, John & Linda Smith and Patricia Stalcup.


John Smith announced that the program which he designed the software for has now become available for purchase. This CD Rom is titled "In Search of Our Acadian Roots" and contains 460,000 names of Acadians being researched by others. This program can be ordered from

Yvon L. Cyr

Village by the Arboretum, 2 Ashcroft Ct.

Guelph, Ontario Canada, NIG 4X7

($49.00 US Postal money order.)

This editor announces that her article titled "Jean Olivier, an Early Kaskaskia Inhabitant" has been published in the latest Le Journal,

Center for French Canadian Studies. What a wonderful feeling to see completion to a project. You should see me celebrate when I finish the newsletter each month!!!


The National Archives in Laguna Niguel is asking for volunteers to help with the repair and maintenance of the microfilm readers. A half a day a week or twice a month would be very appreciated there, for there is a real problem in keeping those machines going.

There are a few classes still open at the Archives. These include classes in Native American Genealogy, Computer Census Indexes and Basic Genealogical Research. Contact Claire Malervy for times and availabilities. In the summer a new schedule will be developed and we will include the full listing in our newsletter.


From Mary Ellen Lytle: Many of you indicated you were interested in buying supplies to preserve your documents or pictures. Mylar envelopes come in several sizes. We do not want to order sizes that will not be used. I have been thinking how best to handle the problem. I have come up with this idea: Measure your document or picture. Call me and give me the measurements. I will place an order after several have called. I might possibly have the envelopes available at the next meeting. You can pay me at that time. Mary Ellen Lytle.


Judy Deeter reports that the local Mission Viejo weekly newspaper will soon carry an article and questionnaire concerning the proposed city library. We need to respond that we want a genealogical section! Think about it! It is at least an hour's drive to go to a library if you live in South Orange Co. This is a much needed service, and only if you and friends respond to the questionnaire will this become a possibility.


A recent question asked in Heritage Quest, #54 was, "Can you tell me what the term GEDCOM means? Is it something I need to make sure the software I choose has?"

Answer: GEDCOM is an acronym for GEnealogical Data COMmunication. It is as close to a standard for communication between genealogy software programs as is currently available. It will take the information from Program A and make it readable by Program B.

What this means for you is that if you are using Program A, which supports GEDCOM and you discover a new cousin who is using Program B, which also supports GEDCOM, you can share your date in a GEDCOM file. This means you will not have to type in the information your cousin has, you can add his GEDCOM file to your database.

You need to decide if you want to share your information with others on such a large scale that a GEDCOM file would be better than printing out your information. You need to question whether you will remain with the first program you buy or will want to change to another program later. GEDCOM would quickly help you to convert to another program. (Excerpts from Heritage Quest, No 54)


The Colorado Genealogical Society has compiled and indexed obituaries for Northeastern Colorado which are available at the Denver Public Library. Southeast Colorado is nearing publication and they are still compiling the Northwest and Southwest portions of the state. ((CGS Newsletter., Vol 18 #4, via GSHA-CA Huellas del Pasado, Feb 1995)


Born in Virginia?

When reference is made to a person's having been born in VA as early as 1728 or as late as 1850, this could indicate he was born in any part of the following: IL 1781-1818; IN 1787-1816; KY 1775-1792; MD 1775-1792; NC 1728-1779; Ohio 1778-1803; TN 1760-1803; WV 1769-1853, because these areas were all part of Virginia before becoming individual states. (NOCCCaGS Newsletter, Jan 1995)

On that same thought - this editor has found Missouri residents of French Canadian descent who answered the census taker that they were born in France - meaning, they were born in the Mississippi Valley region when it was owned by France. This certainly can send one on a wild goose chase if not understood. PW

Kathie Mauzey sends us:

Old Documents: If you have a document with faded writing too dim to read, try a 75 watt black lightbulb in any socket that casts light directly on the material. It is reported to do wonders in bringing out the writing so it can be read. (OCCGS Newsletter Aug 1993)

Also, L.A. County records - To obtain a case number for a probate record, call (213)974-1547. Papers are filed by title. Most are microfilmed and copies cost 57cents per page.

Lastly, "IRS Assists in Locating Missing Persons" The IRS can help in locating a long-lost relative or locating the beneficiaries of estate assets. They will assist by forwarding mail send for a "humane purpose" only. They will not attempt to trace family trees. Contact the IRS District Disclosure Office in your area for more information. Source, New Dimensions, Vol 9 #3, Fall 1994) (All the above via No. San Diego Gen Soc, Paths to the Past Oct 1994)


The LDS Family History Dept has begun a project to computerize passenger arrival records of ALL ports of the US. The initial effort will be the Port of New York (Ellis Island) starting in 1924 and working back in time. Information will be extracted about all aliens, US citizens (returning home from travel abroad), crew members and stowaways. Only genealogically relevant information, such as name, age, sex, marital status, nationality and race, place of last residence, and some details of relatives, will be captured about each person. They expect to have 4000 volunteers on this project, and completion of the years 1897-1924 records in two or three years time.

FGS Forum, Vol 6 #4, Winter 1994)


The Italian Genealogical Society of America,

P.O. Box 8571, Cranston, RI, 02920-8571 has released the first issue of their Newsletter.

One feature of this Newsletter will be presentation of short profiles of ancestral villages or provinces, beginning with the province of Lucas, which has been sending emigrants to many countries for almost 200 years.

Annual dues are $15.00 for individual; $20.00 for family; $10.00 for student; and $10.00 for organizations. (FGS Forum, Winter 1994 Vol 6 #4)


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