Saddleback Valley Trails

Vol 6 No 2 Editor: Pat Weeks February 1999

South Orange County California Genealogical Society

P. O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo, CA. 92690


Monthly meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to Noon at the Mission Viejo Family History Center Institute Building, 27978 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo, CA, between Medical Center Drive and Hillcrest Drive. Membership is open to anyone wishing to join. Yearly membership fees are $20 per calendar year for individuals, $25 for joint membership.

20 February 1999 At this meeting our new Vice President, Rich Faber, will speak about preserving, cataloging and identifying your photos for later generations to also enjoy.

In addition there will be another photographer, one of the owners of the local Fast Photo Store, who specializes in restoration of damaged photos. You are encouraged to bring your damaged photos to this meeting for an on the spot estimate of the possibility of restoration and the cost of restoring the photo. Please take a number at the sign-in desk so we can orderly have our guest speaker evaluate your photos at the end of the presentation.

20 March 1999 Toni Perrone will speak on General German Research. Toni has over twenty years experience in German Research. During the question and answer portion, Toni will address anyone's "Brick Wall" that they have encountered during their German research.

17 April 1999, SOCCGS member Kathie Mauzey will speak on the resources available at the Laguna Niguel National Archives. Kathie has over ten years experience researching at the National Archives and has been a volunteer there for the past eight years.

15 May, 1999 Janet Franks, past SOCCGS President, will speak on Heritage societies. Janet is well qualified; she is a member of Colonial Dames, DAR, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America, and New England Women. She has held state and national positions, and is currently a National Vice Chairman of the DAR.

19 June 1999, Several SOCCGS members will give short, 5 to 15 minutes , discussions on their particular area of expertise. Any member interested in speaking should contact SOCCGS VP, Rich Faber, by phone or email.

17 July 1999 Barbara Renick, a speaker well known to many of us, will present her topic of "The 5 W's for Citing Sources: Who, What, When, Where and Why." (A reminder: if the source is not cited, it is just wishful thinking!) Barbara will also address the issue of primary, secondary and tertiary evidence in research.

25 September 1999 Our second SOCCGS all-day seminar, "Your Family in History" featuring guest speaker, classes, prizes and fun, to be held at the Mission Viejo City Library.


30 January 1999, "Seeking Clues to Your Irish and Scottish Ancestors", a seminar to be hosted by OCCGS. Guest speaker is Judy Wight. 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Huntington Beach Central Library.

27 February 1999 The Annual Whittier Area Genealogical Society Seminar will be held at the Masonic Lodge, Greenleaf Ave. at Mar Vista in Whittier. Guest speaker is John Philip Colletta who will discuss emigration/immigration, "They Came to America - Where are the Records?" Doors open at 8:00 a.m. More information is available at (562)941-6371 or try the WAGS webpage

12-13 June 1999. The Southern California Genealogical Society will hold their Jamboree at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena on this date.
We wish to thank Leland Pound for stepping in at the last moment and providing us with a program at the January meeting. Leland spoke on why counties differ in their resources available due to many factors, such as remoteness, political and religious differences, migration patterns, war sites, etc. As usual, his material was delivered so well organized and clearly stated. We appreciate his expertise.


The February Safari will be to the San Diego Genealogical Society Library. Please be at the Institute Building (FHC) at 9:30 a.m. Feb. 24 with a sack lunch and plans to spend the day... Shirley Fraser (837-5566) or Janet Franks (496-8428) will need to know if you are planning to be part of this trip so SDGS can plan for our visit.


Our library section is growing by leaps and bounds. Janet Franks reports our holdings now total 2150 books.


The society is desperate for someone to take over the job of getting the newsletter printed, folded, stamped and mailed each month. This editor has occasionally tackled that job when Ruth Sheean would be not available, and the past two newsletters have been this editor's chore. I cannot continue to do both the newsletter and the mailing, and need help desperately. In addition, the Safari organizer's position remains unfilled also.
Our current president, Judy Deeter, has named Janet Franks to head the Ways and Means Committee, a position Janet has graciously accepted.


From Rich Faber, SOCCGS Vice-President:
"I would like to establish an official SOCCGS Internet Users Group. I have heard that several members currently have a similar, informal group, that exchanges ideas and new Internet sources via email. I would appreciate hearing from these members and any other members (or their spouses) that would like to be the founding members of this new official group. Contact me at one of our meetings or via my email address: . I look forward to hearing from any interested members."


Looking for a genealogy column that carries queries in an area where your ancestors lived? Kevin Sellew, President and WebMaster of the Mobile Genealogical Society, Inc., is providing that service. This site address is When you get there, scroll down to THE NEWSTAND. There you will find a listing by state of the newspapers that do carry a genealogy column.

Are you claiming descent from Pres. Abraham Lincoln? Well his son Robert (1843-1926) was the oldest of his four sons and the only one to reach adulthood. He had three children, who produced three grandchildren, but all of those three died without leaving any offspring. Sorry. (source for this and previous paragraph:Genealogy Bulletiin, Nov/Dec 1998, Heritage Quest Publication.)


1.. Index of Probate Court Records 1854-1917, King Co. WA
2.. Sons of American Revolution Revolutionary War Graves Register CD
3.. Merchant Marine Days by David La Mont Lee
4.. "It Never Snows in September", The German View of Market-Garden & the Battle of Arnhem , Sept. 1944 by Robert J. Kershaw
5.. Genealogical Society of Marion Co. (IN) Family West, Vol. 3, # 1,2, 1998
6.. Morgan Co. (IN) History & Genealogy, Vol. 3, # 1--4, 1997; Vol. 4, # 2,4, 1998
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8.. The Annals of America, Vol. 1--18, Editor in Chief Mortimer J. Adler
9.. Great Issues in American Life Conspectus 1 and 2
10.. Wilderness Road by Bullitt Co. (KY) Genealogical Society, Vol. 11, # 1,2, 1998
11.. Pilgrim John Alden's Progress by Roland Wells Robbins
12.. Between Concord and Plymouth, the Transcendentalists & the Watsons with the Hillside Collection of Manuscripts by L. G. Gellar
13.. Pilgrim Robert Bartlett 1603-1676 & Some of His Descendants by Robert Merrill Bartlett
14.. The Alden Family in the Alden House by Dorothy Wentworth
15.. The Pilgrim Society 1820-1970, An Informal Commemorative edited by Peter J. Gomes
16.. Genealogical Guidebook & Atlas of Norway by Frank Smith & Finn A. Thomsen
17.. Carbon Co., PA Area Key ( 2 copies) 2nd edition by Florence Clint, A Guide to the Genealogical Records of Carbon Co., PA including Maps, Histories, Charts, etc.
18.. Pike Co. PA Area Key, 2nd edition by Florence Clint
19.. The Danish Genealogical Helper, Vol. 1, # 1, 1968 by Elly M. Paulsen & Gay P. Kowallis
20.. Your Ancient Canadian Family Ties by Reginald L. Oliver
21.. Heirloom Lineage Records edited by LeRoy H. Dorsey & Edgar H. Walker
22.. Matheny--Gucciardo & Allied Families by Dolores Matheny Gucciardo
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25.. OCCGS Journal, Vol. 35, # 2, October 1998
26.. CA State Society Colonial Dames 17th Century Ancestor Roster 1956--1985
27.. Odells: Lost & Found, Vol. 2, #4, Winter 1998
28.. The O'Dell Diggin's, Vol. 13, Winter 1994
29.. History of York Co., PA, Part 2 A biiographical history of York Co., PA edited by John Gibson
30.. The Centennial History of Illinois, Vol. 1 The Illinois Country, 1673-1818 by Clarence Wallworth Alvord Vol. 2 is missing
31.. Vol. 3, The Era of the Civil War, 1848--1870 by Arthur Charles Cole
32.. Vol. 4, The Industrial State, 1870--1893 by Earnest Ludlow Bogard & Charles Manfred Thompson
33.. Vol. 5, The Modern Commonwealth, 1893==1918 by Earnest Ludlow Bogard & John Mabary Mathews
34.. Illinois in 1818, end edition, revised by Solon Justus Buck
35.. History of Hancock Co., IL together with an outline history of the State and a digest of State laws by Thomas Gregg
36.. Calendar of the Kentucky Papers of the Draper Collection of Manuscripts by Mabel Clare Weaks
37.. Oral History for the Local Historical Society by Willa K. Baum
38.. The Westward Movement in the U.S. by Ray Allen Billington
39. Family Names of County Cork by Diarmuid O'Murchadha
40.. Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research by Margaret Dickson Falley
41.. The Life of Billy Yank by Bell Irvin Wiley
42.. Civil War Military Prisoners Sent to MO State Penitentiary by Joanne Chiles Eakin
43.. Eternal Rest, Owen Co. KY Cemetery Records Owen Co. KY Historical Society
44.. Kentucky Genealogy & Biography, Vol. 8 by Battle, Perrin, Kniffin
45.. Statewide Missouri Obituaries, 1851-1882 by Mrs. Howard Woodruff
46.. Missouri Miscellany, Vol. 10, 12, 13, 16, 17 by Mrs. Howard Woodruff
47.. Owen Co. KY Abstracts of Deeds, Book C 1827-1830 and Book C 1830-1834 by Dorothy Merrifield
48.. A Historical Atlas of KY and Her Counties by Wendell H. Rone
49.. Frenchmen and French Ways in the Mississippi Vallley by John Francis McDermott
50.. Seventy Years on the Frontier by Alexander Majors
51.. Uniforms of the American Revolution by John Mollo and Malcolm McGregor
52.. Paris, Tightwad and Peculiar, Missouri Place Names by Margot Ford McMillen
53.. Divorces, Separations and Annullments in MO 1769-1850 by Teresa Blattner
54.. MO Genealogical, 1840 and Beyond, Vol. 1, by Sherida K. Eddlemon
55.. The Voyageur by Grace Lee Nute
56.. The Internet for Genealogists by Barbara Renick & Richard Wilson
57.. France in America, 1497-1763 by Reuben G. Thwaites
58.. Frontier Kentucky by Otis K. Rice
59.. The Discovery and Settlement of Kentucke by John Filson
60.. The Battle on Snowshoes by Bob Bearor
61.. Bellevue, Beautiful View, The History of Bellevue Valley (MO) by the Bellevue Historical Society
62.. Ancestry, Vol. 16, #6, Nov./ Dec. 1998 donated by Judith Mittelman
63.. Lemp, The Haunting History by Stephen lP. Walker donated by Judith Mittelman
64.. Lost Chicago by David Lowe donated by Judith Mittelman
65.. Maumee Valley, Toledo & the Sandusky Region donated by Judy Deeter
66.. The News-Caster by the Castor Ass'n of America, Vol. 5 through 14 with Index & Membership Directory donated by Judy Deeter
67.. Merriam Webster's Geographical Dictionary, Third Edition with vital information about key political and physical features around the globe donated by Mary Ellen Lytle
68.. Early Handwriting, copies donated by Bernard Keen
69.. A Tour of Colonial Churches in the Original Thirteen Colonies, Built before 1776 by Priscilla C. Martin

Donations of books and materials this month are the courtesy of Frank Noland, L. W. Keith, Pat McCoy, Kathy Mauzey, Rich Faber, Chris Parrish, Thomas Irey, Betty McKenzie, Pat Weeks, Peg Axlund, Wilbur Allen, Margaret Bonney, Judith Mittelman, Judy Deeter, Mary Ellen Lytle, Bernard Keen, Friends of the Library, and your generous donations to our penny basket.


1... Forks of Elkhorn Church (KY) by Jett Darnell (includes counties of Franklin, Woodford and Scott )
2... M & B Records as Recorded by Rev. James Dempster, by Robert Hartley
3... Abstracts of Obituaries in Western Christian Advocate, 1834-1850 by M R. Waters
4... Mason Co WV marriages 1806-1915, by Hulie Hesson
5... Hampshire Co VA (now WV) Minute Book Vol 1 18788-1802, Vol 2 1802-1823 & Marriages of 1800s for that County by Horton.
6... Marriages, SC 1688-1799 by Brent Holcomb
7... TN Gen Records and Abstracts, Vol 1, 1787-1839 by Sherida k. Eddlemon
8... KY Land Grants, 2 vols, 1782-1924 by Willard Jillson
9... A to Z Dictionary for Genealogists by Barbara Evans
10... Medical Miscellany for Genealogists by Jeanette L. Jerger
11... Every Name Indexes to Minnesota Genealogical Journal


A widow wrote this epitaph in a Vermont cemetery:

Sacred to the memory of
My husband, John Barnes,
Who died January 3, 1803
His comely young widow, aged 23,
has many
Qualifications of a good wife, and yearns to be comforted


Sharon Robison, SOCCGS member, sent in this article which first appeared in the WAGS Newsletter, August 1986.

Sharon Robison shared this letter writing experience: "While planning a recent genealogy vacation I wrote letters ahead to the places that I was going to visit. One was to the Chamber of Commerce of a town my ancestors had been pioneers to in 1852. This fact and their names from the census were the only things I knew about them. The secretary of the Chamber of Commerce replied with answers to all my inquiries plus an invitation to visit their office. I did this and in conversation with the secretary I "happened" to mention my search for my ancestor's surname. She thought for a moment and said she had a biography at home of one of that surname given to her by her neighbor who was one of the descendants. She suggested I go home with her and if indeed it was my ancestor, she would introduce me to the family. My cup runneth over! The family had other biographies, pictures, and a pedigree chart with one line that went back to the year 742." Sharon now updates this story with the fact that her years of attempting to document this line has her now able to support this story back to the year 1638. (Don't stop now, Sharon, you've only got another 900 years to go!)


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