Saddleback Valley Trails

Vol 5 No 2 Editor: Pat Weeks February 1998

South Orange County California Genealogical Society

P.O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo, CA 92690


Monthly meetings are scheduled for the third Saturday of each month and are held from 10:00 AM to Noon at 27978 Marguerite Parkway in Mission Viejo, between Medical Center Drive and Hillcrest Drive. Visitors are always welcome.

Membership is open to anyone wishing to join. Membership fees are $20 per year, January 1 through December 31.

21 February 1998 The topic of this presentations in "The Use of Legal Records in Genealogical Research", which will be addressed by Dr. Gordon Bakken of California State University at Fullerton.

21 March 1998 At this meeting SOCCGS member Willis Wyant will discuss researching in the state of Ohio. We understand that Willis has spent many years delving into the Ohio records, and is a real expert.

18 April 1998 Mark your calendar - it will be a winner, they always are, but the details are not in yet.

16 May 1998 And ditto for May!

Other Local Events

15 February 1998 Questing Heirs Genealogical Society will host Mr. Don Ray, who will speak about locating "live" relatives who might have answers we are searching for. The meeting begins at 1:15 PM at 3650 Long Beach Blvd. In Long Beach.

21 February 1998 The Whittier Area Genealogical Society Seminar will be held at the Masonic Temple, 7604 S. Greenleaf Ave., Whittier. James W. And Paula Stuart Warren are the guest speakers at this seminar and will present their expertise in methodology, records, uncovering uncommon sources, etc. Registration begins at 8:00 AM, and the program runs from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. For more information, call (562)696-7322 or (818)333-1194

7 March 1998 Orange County California Gen. Society is having their annual Book Fair on March 7 at the Huntington Beach Central Library, Rooms C and D, from 9:30-11:30 AM. They will be selling books, periodicals and microfiche at reduced prices. The sale will be followed by the Irish-Scottish Interest group featuring Elizabeth Moriarty.

28 March 1998 Shirley Riemer is the guest speaker at the German Genealogical Society of America's Spring Seminar, speaking on "Just Enough German for Reading Book Titles and Chapter Headings", "German Research Resources", etc. The meeting is to be held at Scripps College, Claremont, in the Bette Cree Edwards Auditorium, price $24, For more information, try (714)671-5982.

30 & 31 May 1998 The 29th Annual Genealogical jamboree will be held in Burbank, sponsored by the Southern California Genealogical Society. More details to follow.


Our January meeting was jam packed with 31 guests joining us.

Iris Graham, Membership Chairperson, wishes to remind all that the 1998 membership dues are now past due. All members will receive this newsletter, but if dues have not been paid by time the next newsletter goes to press, you will not receive your copy.

Please look at the mailing label on this edition. If your due date has been marked with a colored marking pen, your dues have not been paid, and you will be dropped from the membership list.


We wish to publicly thank Annabelle Farago for the donation of the computer printer that we now have in the library. We also thank the many members who have donated books for our library.


There are still some workshops available at the National Archives. These include Introduction to Genealogical Resources, Immigration, Naturalization and Ship Passenger Arrivals, Native American Research, Military Resources, Census Indexes on CD Roms, Hispanic Resources, and African American Resources. A fee of $5 is required. You can learn dates and availability, and also sign up by calling 360-2641.

50 - 50


This is a program in which you the member can contribute to one-half the cost of a book, and the Society will pay the other half. We will have these envelopes available at each meeting for your generous contributions. We are anxious to begin receiving your requests for such book purchases, so at the end of this article is a simple form to use to let us know what purchase you would like to instigate for the program. The book committee will then take into consideration if this is a worthwhile book to have in the library. We have started this program with the envelop which has been opened for $5 toward the purchase of $20 for the book "Missouri Genealogical Gleanings, 1840 and Beyond" vol 5, abstracts of county and state records with index.

I would like to see SOCCGS purchase the following book:

Name of Book:



I will begin the 50-50 purchase by donating

$_____ for this book.


A Little Humor

"After eight years of searching the parish Register for a name to match the initials H.W.P. on a stone slab in his church, the Rev. Phillip Randall, now retired from the parish of Eye, Peterborough, England, solved the mystery. The initials stand for Hot Water Pipe.

This struck me as funny because I spent three months searching for an exotic French name listed by my English great-great grandfather's name thinking he married a French lady with that last name. Then I found it was his job title, he furnished food to the Royal Navy. At least it did not take eight years." (From Family Tree Newsletter, credited to the Haliburton Highlands Genealogy Group.)


Civil War Army organizations can be a bit confusing, especially to those of us without a military background. This may help.

A Company: About 100 men

A Regiment : About 10 Companies

A Brigade: 2 or more Regiments

A Division: 2 or more Brigades

A Corps: 2 or more Divisions

An Army: 2 or more Corps

Date joining a State regiment

After training, the date a regiment was accepted into Federal Service

Date a soldier left service while his regiment was on active service.

Muster Out:
Date the regiment was released from active service.

(From Delaware OH Genealogist, Spring 97 via WAGS, Jan 1998)


This editor recently read that Halbert's of Bath, Ohio was again hawking their infamous books. It was suggested that if you receive such an advertisement, don't open it, instead write on the envelope "incorrect address-return to sender". This way they will have to pay for two mailings. It was also suggested that inside the advertising there was a return addressed envelope with the "no postage needed if mailed in the US". So, you can return their envelope, empty, and they get to pay for it. We'd all like to get even for their duping so many of us researchers.

This may be a way!


For King or Country, Vols 1 and 2, RW Era Ancestors with 200 Years of Descendants
Comp: Orange Co CA GS

Kentuckians in Missouri
Comp: Stuart Seely Spague

The Woodruffs of New Jersey
Francis E. Woodruff

Soldiers of the RW Buried in Vermont
Walter H. Crockett

Hereditary Society Blue Book, 3rd Ed.
Edited by Robert R. Davenport

History of Baldwin Locomotive Works
Comp: Baldwins

Directory of Province of Ontario, 1857, with a Gazeteer
Comp. Thomas B & Emily S Wilson

Michigan - A History of the Wolverine State
Willis F. Dunbar & George S. May

Hamilton, Ohio Telephone Directory, Fairfield-Butler Counties

Texas Women, Interviews & Images
Patricia Lasher & Beverly Bentley

The World Book of Culps
Comp: Halbert

Owen Co KY Pictorial History
Owen Co Historical Society

Handy Book for Genealogists, 5th ed.
Comp: George B. Everton Sr.

The Clevenger Families of Ray Co Missouri
Comp: Barbara Profit, et al

Ray County in Review
Ray Co. Historical Society

Old King William Homes & Families
Peyton Neale Clarke

A Sense of Wonder - Saluting 223 Minerd-Miner-Minor Cousins
Comp: Reunion Committee

22 Minerd-Miner Family Soldiers in the CW
Mark A. Miner

History of the Descendants of John Koontz
Lowell L. Koontz

VA Historical Marriage Register, Fluvanna Co, 1781-1849
Comp: John Vogt

Marriage Bonds of Bedford Co VA 1755-1800
Earle S. Dennis & Jane E. Smith

DAR Manual for Citizenship

Virginia Wills before 1799
William Montgomery Clemens

Settlers By the Long Grey Trail
Comp: J. Houston Harrison

Constitution of the United States, Its sources and Its Application
Comp: Thomas james Norton

Surname Indes to 65 Volumes of the Colonial & Revolutionary Pedigrees
Comp: George Rodney Crowther III

Historical Collections of the Joseph Habesham Chapter of DAR, Vol 2
Comp: DAR

The Mayflower
Comp: Kate Caffrey

Lineage Book, NSDAR Vol 1
Ida P. Jenkins & Ruby Haskins Ellis

Literary Landscapes of the British Isles, A Narrative Atlas
David Daiches & John Flower

South Devon
Charles R. Rowe, M.J.I.

Domesday Book-Somerset, History from the Sources
Editor: John Morris

Domesday Book-Nottinghamshire
Editor: John Morris

Domesday Book-Oxfordshire
Editor: John Morris

Westerwald to America: Some 18th Century German Immigrants
Comp: Annette Kunselman Burgert & Henry Z. Jones Jr.

European Discovery of America
Samuel Eliot Morrison

The Casebook of Sir Francis Ashely, J.P.;

Record of Dorchester 1614-35
Editor: J. H. Bettey

Two 17th Century Dorset Inventories
Editor: Lettice Ashley Cooper

The Dorset Lay Subsidy Roll of 1327
Editor: Alexander R. Rumble

Nassau Co Long Island in Early Photograps, 1869-1940
Bette S. Weedman & Linda B. Martin

How To Locate Anyone Without Leaving Home
Comp: Ted L. Gunderson

Tracing Your Ancestry
Comp: F. Wilbur Helbald

Family Folklore, Interviewing Guide & Questionnaire (Pamphlet)
Comp: Holly-Cutting Baker

Military Service Records, A Select Catalog Of Nat. Archives Microfilm Pub.

Annals of Bath County, Virginia
Comp: Oren F. Morton

History of the German Element in Virginia
Comp: Hermann Schuricht

This Was the Life, Excerpts from Judgment Records of Frederick Co MD 1748-1765
Comp: Millard Milburn Rice

Guide to Local & Family History at the Newberry Library
Comp: Peggy Tuck Sinko

Guide to the Manuscript Groups in the PA State Archives
Comp: Harry E. Whipkey

Pennsylvania Genealogical Research
Comp: George K. Schweitzer

Guide to the Published Archives of PA
Comp: Henry Howard Eddy & Martha L. Simonett

Guide to Genealogical Sources at the PA State Archives
Comp: Robert M. Dructor

Directory, Pa Libraries, 1990
Library Division, State Library of PA

Indiana Research
Comp: Mary Allred

Rush Co IN, Index to Testators
Comp: Charles M. Franklin

Grant Co IN, Index to Testators
Comp: Charles M Franklin

Ft Wayne Land Office Entries 1823-1852
Comp: Helen S. Morrison

Periodicals Found in the Seattle Gen Society Library
Comp: Jerome D. Bosley

Pioneer History of Winchester (Adams Co) Ohio, 1815 Sesquicentennial year 1965
Comp: W. M. Sellman

Adams Co Ohio Voter Lists 1810, 1811, 1812
Adams Co Gen Society

Pioneer Book of Skagit Co WA
Claudia Ebsworth & Mildred Collett

Greene Co Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions, V2
Greene Co Ohio Gen Society

Greene County Surname List Vol 3, 1986
Greene Co Ohio Gen Society

Adams Co Ohio, Sprigg Twp Cemetery Index
Adams Co. Gen Society

Adams Co Ohio Scott Twp Cemeteries
Adams Co Gen Society

Records of VA Military Land Surveys, Vol 2
Adams Co Gen Society

Brown Co Ohio 1818 Index, Original Land Patents
Brown Co. Gen. Society

Great Lakes Region Surname Index
Comp: Richard & Audrey Soll

Library Microfilms, a Division of Bay Microfilm, Historic Collections of Microfilm and CD Rom

Indiana Source Book, Vol 3, 1973-1979
Editor: Willard Heiss

The Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court of the United States
Editor: Kermit L. Hall

Guide to the Records Groups in the Pennsylvania State Archives
Comp: Frank M. Suran

Military Service Records, A select catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications
National Archives

Cradled in Sweden
Comp: Carl-Erik Johansson

Family Tree Maker, 2 CDS, and World Family Tree, 5 CDS,
Everton Publishers

Mapping America's Past, A Historical Atlas
Mark C Carnes, John Garraty & Patrick Williams

The American Revolution in Indian Country, Crisis & Diversity in Native American Communities
Comp: Colin G. Calloway

AGLL Canadian Census Listings 1666-1891
AGLL Catalog, Bountiful, Utah

Saints & Strangers, Being the Lives of the Pilgrim Fathers....
Comp: George F. Willison

The Truth About the Pilgrims
Comp: Francis R. Stoddard

Plimoth Colony Samplers
Comp: Mary M. Davidson

Yankee Folk
Edwin Valentine Mitchell

A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth
Ed: Dwight B. Heath

The Pilgrim Story, a Compilation of Documents of Gov Bradford, Gov Winslow

Comp: William Franklin Atwood

The Women of the Mayflower, Printed from a Program given to the Orange County Colony, Society of Mayflower Descendants.
Comp: Gene E. Nelson

The Keen Family Album
American Genealogies, Inc

Prince William County VA Deed Book Liber A 1731-1732, Deed Book Liber B 1732-1735
Comp: June Whitehurst Johnson

Prince William County VA Bond Book, August 1753-1783
Comp: June Whitehurst Johnson

Prince William County VA Will Book G 1778-1791 and Order Book 1769-1771, Selective Items
Comp: June Whitehurst Johnson

Prince William County VA Deed Book Liber D 1738-1740
Comp: June Whitehurst Johnson

The Parish Register of St Peter's. New Kent Co VA from 1680-1787
Nat. Soc of Colonial Dames, VA

The Quit Rents of Virginia, 1704
Comp: Annie Laurie Wright Smith

Va Historical Marriage Register, Page County Marriage Bonds, 1831-1850
John Vogy & T. William Kethley Jr.

History of Cecil Co MD and Early Settlements around the Head of Chesapeake Bay and on the Delaware River
Comp: George Johnston

Tennessee Soldiers in the Revolution
Comp: Penelope Johnson Allen

Forsythe Co NC, Cemetery Records, Vol 3, Old Town Salem Chapel Twps
Comp: Donald W. Stanley, et al

Forsythe Co NC Cemetery Records, Vol 4, South Fork-Vienna Twps and Salem
Comp: Donald W. Stanley, et al

Forsythe Co NC Cemetery Records, Vol 5
Comp: Donald W. Stanley, et al

The German Immigration into Pennsylavania through the Port of Philadelphia from 1700 to 1775 and the Redemptioners
Comp: Frank Ried Diffenderffer

Thus ends our books acquired last month. As to the quarterlies, journals, and newsletters donated, I shall try to name a few here:

Great Migration Newsletter,

Goodenow's Ghost

Quarterly of Ohio Hist Soc

Pickaway Quarterly

Hawkeye Heritage

Register of KY Historical Society

Ansearchin'News (TN Gen Soc)

N. Georgia Journal

Register of Society of Mayflower Descendants in the state of CA

Maryland Gen Soc Bulletin

Indiana His Society Publications

Indiana Magazine of History

Traces, (Indiana His. Society publication)

Cross Roads of our Nation

Connecticut Nutmegger

Genealogical Helper

Swedish American Genealogist

Nordic Gen. Society of Southern CA

Skagit Valley Gen Soc Newsletter

Stillaguamish Star Newsletter

Past Times, Mercer Co Gen Society

Venango Co Gen Club

The Almanac, Swedish Amer His Assoc.

Norwegian Tracks Newsletter

St Louis Gen Society Quarterly & Newsletter

by SOCCGS member Karyn Schumaker

In 1906, my great-grandmother, Elizabeth (Erhart) Hark, received as a wedding gift an 1893 Chicago World's Fair Souvenir Cookbook. This book was eventually handed down to her eldest child, Irene (Hark) Schumaker. Since Irene didn't have any girls to hand it down to, my dad got it for me. (At least I assume it is for me, as his cooking skills only extend as far as meats on the BBQ, or a can of mushroom soup and _____ (you fill in the blank because, trust me, he has tried it all!!!)

When I looked through the cookbook, which states it is "Two Thousand Valuable Recipes on Cookery and Household, Economy, Menus, Table Etiquette, Toilet, etc." I found additional handwritten recipes, newspaper clippings, a 1917 almanac, etc. I thought I would take all these sources and share one or two items each month. And as this seems to be the cold season, I thought I'd start with a good old-fashioned homemade cold remedy from the cookbook.

Ten Cent Recipe for Coughs and Colds

Ten cents each of flax seed, hoar-hound, licorice, paregoric, one pound raisins, one pint syrup, one pound white sugar, lemons - three, or to taste. Boil till thick, add one pound rock candy, when done boiling, strain and use.

And if that doesn't make your patient feel better, maybe these helpful hints from the Watkins 1917 Almanac might help:

Appetizing Dish for the Sickroom - "Egg in Nest"

One egg, salt, Watkins pepper, toast. Beat the white of the egg with a few grains of salt until stiff; pile lightly in an earthenware or small- baking dish. Make a depression in the center of the white, and into this slip the unbroken yoke. Cook in a moderate oven until the white is slightly cooked. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper and serve with toast. This may be served on toast and cooked instead of using an earthenware cup it may be steamed.

The almanac also suggests that you use the daintiest dishes in the house. Place a clean napkin on a tray, if possible, a fresh flower. Also, serve everything in small quantities, as it is more tempting to a delicate appetite.


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