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Vol 7 No 1...Editor: Gail Gilbert...January 2000

South Orange County California Genealogical Society

 P. O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo, CA. 92690

Monthly meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to Noon at the Mission Viejo Family History Center Institute Building, 27978 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo, between Medical Center Drive and Hillcrest Drive. Membership is open to anyone wishing to join. Yearly membership fees are $20 per calendar year for individuals, $25 for joint membership. SOCCGS is not affiliated with the LDS Family History Center.


15 January 2000 Toni Perrone will once again be our Guest Speaker. In March 1999, Toni spoke on "General German Research." This time Toni will speak on "General Italian Research." Let's start the new year off with a full house.


28-29 January 2000 The San Diego Genealogical Society will present GENTECH 2000, "Bridging the Centuries: Bringing Genealogy and Technology Together", at the San Diego Concourse Convention Center. For more information: (888) 5222-7313,, or website where a full list of class descriptions is posted. This looks like one we shouldn't miss and it's just a short drive down the freeway, - or anyone for Amtrak!

26 February 2000 The Whittier Area Genealogical Society will have Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck speaking on "Research in the Heartland TX, OK, KS, NE, MO. Information: (562) 695-5431.

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Be sure to check for scheduled Safaris by calling Rich Faber at (949) 364-0745 or Janet Franks at (949) 496-8428 or simply appear at the FHC parking lot at 9:30 am on the 4th Wed. of the month to join the Safari.


Dues are now due for the year 2000. If you haven't yet paid, please send your payment to our membership chairman, Iris Graham. Simply cut off the renewal form at the end of this newsletter and send with your check to SOCCGS, P.O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo, CA 92690-4513. Your mailing label should still be on the back of the form, so you only need to make note of any changes. Please pay as soon as possible so you don't get dropped from the membership list.



From our librarian, Betty Mc Kenzie: Mrs. Florence Wittenburg has donated a check for $300 to buy binders for the periodicals she donated in 1999 with the remainder to be used to buy books for our collection. We really appreciate her generous donation and all the other donations of books by you wonderful people. Our shelves are rapidly filling up. We have many duplicate periodicals which we are selling for 10 cents a copy. These are a bargain! Come check them out.



1. Shenandoah Genealogy News, Vol. 3, #4. 1999, donated by Wilbur Allen

2. Ray County (MO) Reflections, Vol. 8, #3, 1999, donated by Wilbur Allen

3. New York Historical Society Quarterly, Vol. 43, #3, July 1959, donated by Janet Franks

4. Pamphlet of The Wilson Descent with Historical Introduction, donated by Janet Franks

5. Barnstable, Three Centuries of a Cape Cod Town by Donald G. Trayser, donated by Janet Franks

6. To the West in 1894, Travel Journal of Dr. James Douglas English, donated by Jerri Bailey

7. Transportation and the Early Nation, papers presented at an Indiana American Revolution Bicentennial Symposium, donated by Jerri Bailey

8. The Hoosier Journal of Ancestry, Jennings County, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, donated by Jerri Bailey

9. The Hoosier Journal of Ancestry, Jefferson County, donated by Jerri Bailey

10. New England Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol. 126, Oct. 1972, donated by Jerri Bailey

11. The Pennsylvania Militia in 1777 by Hannah Roach, donated by Jerri Bailey

12. Pamphlet - Genealogy of Edward & Sarah (Burchett) Osborn of Floyd County, KY by Donald Lewis Osborn, donated by Jerri Bailey

13. The Hoosier Journal of Ancestry, Vol. 1 through Vol. 5, 1969-1978 with an index for the first five volumes, donated by Jerri Bailey

14. San Diego Leaves & Saplings (Vital Records) by San Diego Genealogical Society, Vol. 1, #1. 1973 through Vol. 10, #2, 1982

15. Birth Records from the San Diego Recorder's Office, Preemption (land) Records, San Diego Taxpayers, Marriage, Church, Newspaper, Inquest, Cemetery, and Probate Records by San Diego Genealogical Society, donated by Jerri Bailey

16. Marin Kin Tracer, Vol. 2, #3 1979 through Vol. 5, #4, 1982 by Marin County (CA) Genealogical Society, donated by Jerri Bailey

17. Moore County, North Carolina 1747-1847 by Blackwell Robinson, donated by Nancy Thorne

18. Milam Roots, Vol. 12, #6, Nov. - Dec. 1999, donated by Beverly Long

19. Pioneers of Johnson County, Indiana by I. George Blake, donated by Jerri Bailey

20. Abstracts of Wills, Inventories, and Administration Accounts of Loudoun Co. VA by J. E. King, donated by Jerri Bailey

21. Bulletin of the Maryland Genealogical Society, Vol. 11, #3, Feb. 1970, donated by Jerri Bailey

22. Carroll County, Indiana Marriage Records, 1818-1850 by Robert Selby, donated by Jerri Bailey

23. Missouri Taxpayers 1819-1826 by Lois Stanley, donated by Jerri Bailey

24. Kentucky Frontiersmen, Vol. 4, Will Book, Woodford Co., KY by Barbara Augspurger, donated by Jerri Bailey

25. Blackhawk Genealogical Society of Rock Island & Mercer Counties Illinois, Vol. 26, #3, Fall

1999, donated by Chris Parrish

26. 1820 Federal Census for Indiana by Willard Heiss, donated by Jerri Bailey

27. Edmund Polk, Junior, His Ancestors and Descendants by Katherine Gentry Bushman, donated by Jerri Bailey

28. Inscriptions from the Old Cemetery in Rowley, Massachusetts by George Blodgette, donated by Jerri Bailey

29. An Introduction to Medieval Genealogy by Cecil Humphery-Smith, donated by Jerri Bailey

30. Abstracts of Wills, Inventories, and Administration Accounts of Frederick County, Virginia 1743-1800 by J. Estelle Stewart King, donated by Jerri Bailey

31. Master Index New York State NSDAR Genealogical Records, donated by Jerri Bailey

32. The Register of the KY Historical Society, Vols. 71, 1973 through Vols. 81, 1983, donated by Jerri Bailey

33. New England Historical & Genealogical Register, #501, 502, 506, 507, 508, 509, 510 & 512, donated by Jerri Bailey

34. Frontier Times by J. Marvin Hunter, Vol. 2, #1-12, 1924, donated by Jerri Bailey

35. Wills of Carroll County, Indiana 1830-1897 by Charles Carroll Chapter of DAR, donated by Jerri Bailey

36. Abstracts of the Records of the Society of Friends in Indiana by Ruth Dorrel purchased by SOCCGS Book Fund

37. This Realm of England 1399 to 1688 by Lacey Smith, donated by Jerri Bailey

38. The Chronicle of the Overbeck Pottery by Kathleen R. Postle, donated by Jerri Bailey

39. National Genealogical Inquirer, Vol. 4, #1,3,4, 1980, donated by Jerri Bailey

40. Williams' Family Bulletin, A Quarterly of Records & Queries, Eleventh Year, July 1976, Oct 1976, 12th Year Jan. 1977, Apr. 1977, donated by Jerri Bailey

41. The Prairie Gleaner by West Central Missouri Genealogical Society, Vol. 11, #1,2,3,4 1980, donated by Jerri Bailey

42. St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 13, #1,2,3,4, 1980, donated by Jerri Bailey

43. Nexus, Vol. 16, # 3,4,6, 1999, donated by SOCCGS

44. Genealogical Helper, Vol. 53, #6, Nov.-Dec. 1999, donated by Chris Parrish

45. Wilderness Road, Vol. 12, #2, Dec. 1999, donated by Chris Parish

46. Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, Vol. 91, # 3,4, 1993, donated by Alice Slutz

47. Ozarkin, The People Who Settled the Missouri Ozarks by Ozarks Genealogical Society, Vol. 11, #1,2,3,4, 1980; Vol. 3, # 1,2,3,4, 1981; Vol. 4, # 1.2.3. 1982; Vol. 5, # 3, 1982, donated by Jerri Bailey

48. Blue Grass Roots (KY), Vol. 6, # 1,2,3,4, 1979; Vol. 7, # 1,2,3,4, 1980; Vol. 8, # 1,2,3,4, 1981; Vol. 9, # 1,2,3, 1982, donated by Jerri Bailey

49. History of McCully, McKee (McKay) & Harsh Families in America by Grace s. Harsh, donated by Jerri Bailey

50. San Diego Leaves & Saplings by San Diego Genealogical Society, Vol. 11, # 2,3, 1983, donated by Jerri Bailey

51. National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 3, #3,4, 1914; Vol. 23, #4, 1935; Vol. 32, #1,2,3, 1944; Vol. 34, # 2,3,4, 1946; Vol. 35, # 2,3,4, 1947; Vol. 36, # 1,3,4, 1948; Vol. 37, # 1,4, 1949; Vol. 38, # 1,4, 1950; Vol. 39, # 1,2,4, 1951; Vol. 40, # 4, 1952; Vol. 41, # 1,3,4, 1953, Vol. 42, #3,4, 1954; Vol. 43, # 2,3,4, 1955; Vol. 44, # 3, 1956; Vol. 45, # 1,2,3,4, 1957, Vol. 46, # 1,2,3,4, 1958; Vol. 47, # 1,2,3,4, 1959; Vol. 50, # 1,3, 1962; Vol. 51, # 4, 1963; Vol. 52, # 1, 1964; Vol. 53, # 1,3,4, 1965; Vol. 68, # 4, 1980; Vol. 77, #4, 1989, donated by Jerri Bailey

52. The Mother Lode by Automobile Club of Southern California, donated by Florence Wittenburg

53. The Mayflower Quarterly, Vol. 30, # 1, 1965; Vol. 32, #1, 1966; Vol. 33, # 1,3, 1967; Vol. 34, #2,4, 1968; Vol. 35, # 1-4, 1969; Vol. 36, # 2,3,4, 1970; Vol. 37, # 1,3,4, 1971; Vol. 38, # 2,3,4, 1972; Vol. 39, # 1,2,4, 1973; Vol. 40, # 1,3,4, 1974; Vol. 41, #1-4, 1975; Vol. 42, # 1-3, 1976; Vol. 43, # 3,4, 1977; Vol. 44, # 1-4, 1978; Vol. 45, # 1,2,4, 1979; Vol. 46, # 1-4, 1980; Vol. 47, # 1-4, 1981; Vol. 48, # 1-4, 1982; Vol. 49, # 1-4, 1983; Vol. 50, # 1-4, 1984; Vol. 51, # 2,3,4, 1985; Vol. 52, # 1-4, 1986; Vol. 53, # 1-4, 1987; Vol. 54, # 1-4, 1988; Vol. 55. # 1-4, 1989; Vol. 56, # 1-4, 1990; Vol. 57, # 1,2,4, 1991; Vol. 58, # 1-4, 1992, Vol. 59, # 1-4, 1993; Vol. 60, # 1-4, 1994; Vol. 61, # 1-4, 1995; Vol. 62, # 1-4, 1996; Vol. 63, # 1, 1997; Vol. 64 # 4, 1998; Vol. 65, # 1,2,3, 1999, donated by Florence Wittenburg.


Contributions toward these books may be made at the general meeting or by sending your donation to SOCCGS at P.O. Box 4513, Mission Viejo, CA 92690. Please indicate the number of the book you want to support.

#26 United States Direct Tax of 1798: Tax Lists for Cumberland County, PA - Wilbur J. McElwain. The direct tax of 1798 was imposed on dwellings, lands and slaves. This book is a compilation of the tax lists for the area of present-day Cumberland County. More than 2,000 properties are listed herein, and approx. 5,000 separate structures. Data in the tax lists includes the type of structure, its dimensions, construction material, number of stories, number of windows and window panes, lot size, farm acreage, location, names of adjoining owners and value. (1994) reprint, 231 pp., 8.5 x 11, append., indices, paper, $38.00. Need $20.80

#27 Calendar of New Jersey Wills. The abstracts of wills were made from the originals in the office of the Secretary of the State, and where they are recorded a reference to the book of record is given. The wills are arranged in alphabetical order by the testators or intestates names. Vol. 1: 1670-1730. William Nelson, 1901, repr. 1994, 62 pp., 2 vols., paper, index, $44.00. Need $17.00

#28 Southeastern Michigan Pioneer Families, Lenawee County by Lewis Published by Kinship. $73.95 plus 3.00 shipping, 50/50 price $38.48. Need $20.74

#29 Abstracts of Bucks county, Pennsylvania Land records, 1684-1723 Charlotte D. Meldrum (comp.). A wealth of information: owner (with occupation), neighbors, family members, witnesses, dates of acknowledgement and recordation, etc. Book includes fold-out map of early Bucks Co. with names of property owners, 154 pp., ind, map, 1995, paper, $12.00. Need $2.00

#30 Old Cemetery Burials of Milwaukee Co., WI, Elizabeth Doherty Herzfeld, CGRS. Records are arranged alphabetically by the surname of the deceased. The information is taken from various sources, including burial records and physical listing of tombstones. Each record contains some of the following information about the deceased: cemetery where buried, surname, given name, maiden name, date and place of birth, date and place of death, tombstone inscription, age, cause of death, names of others listed on the same or adjacent stones, location within cemetery and marital status. The range of dates extends from the late 1700s to the late 1900s. Vol 1, 1995, 317 pp., paper, $25.50; Vol 2, 1997, 217 pp., paper, $21.00. Need $25.25

#31 Births, Deaths, Marriages and Other Genealogical Gleanings From Newspapers of Crawford, Vernon and Richland Counties, Wisconsin, 1873-1910, Vernon D. Erickson. Nearly 6,000 entries, each of which presents data for: last name, first name, newspaper from which item has been extracted, and genealogical data. As the title suggests, the data is usually birth, death or marriage information, but other records have been tapped as well, such as divorces, immigration, military service, land sales and crime, to name a few. Events cited usually include names of family members, friends, neighbors, etc. 1997, 350 pp., 8.5 x 11, maps, append., surname index, paper, $27.50. Need $15.75


Our Webmaster, Herb Abrams, has notified us that is no longer supporting web pages or mailing lists, so it was necessary to change. Our new site will be hosted by and hopefully they will host our mailing list in the future too. Our new email address will be hosted by our fellow member, John Smith. Thank you, John. Both numbers are given on the back of your newsletter mailer as follow:



In view of this, it seems all the more important that our members support the Rootsweb project with our financial donations. Pat Weeks reports that while using the Genweb Jefferson Co MO site, she read that "Less than 7% of Rootsweb users provide any financial support", yet the use of all of their genealogical resources is free! It is suggested that, when you make a contribution, you mention the state and county website that you use the most. Mail checks to: RootsWeb, P.O. Box 6798, Frazier Park, CA 93222-6798 and include your name and e-mail address on your check.

Another website recommendation comes from member, Sheryl Fisher: For a geographic locator w/some historical information, try browser/

Iris Graham has passed on to us the October 1999 issue of The Heritage Newsletter for the Linn Genealogical Society, Albany Oregon which has an extensive article by Byron Bray describing the new Rootsweb SSDI Search Site. As I'm sure most of you are aware, the Social Security Death Index provides basic data on individuals who died and received Social Security benefits, but the Rootsweb Data Cooperative has built a database that goes beyond this. It provides a simplified direct interface for the SSDI, along with an advanced search capability. This allows you to search by name, Soundex code, or Metaphone code. In addition, there are two additional link options. One offers you a printout of a precomposed letter of request for a copy of an SS-5 form which contains additional information included on the original application of an individual. The second allows you to add a "post-em" or note of correction or comment on the data for a particular individual for the benefit of future researchers. Find this site at



In an effort to make the newsletter more of a tool for research, we would like to introduce a feature similar to what is offered in other society newsletters, like "Surname Sharing" by NSDCGS and "Members On-Line" by GSNOCC. The purpose would be to provide an interchange of surnames currently being researched by our members, including on-going surnames from pedigrees, surnames of neighbors or allied families, and especially surnames where you've run into a "brick wall". It would give members a place to display a surname list similar to those you find submitted to Family and others on the Internet. Our "rules", which are flexible to membership feedback, would allow any member who wants to participate in this project to submit up to twelve surnames at a time along with their name and means of contact, such as a phone number, mailing address or e-mail address. Hopefully, other members or people reading our newsletter on-line will contact you if they are researching or have information on a surname you have listed. This will in no way replace the member Surname Gedcom Database created and maintained by John Smith for our members. This is simply an additional way of seeking help with some of those "brick wall" names you are researching or reaching beyond our membership to find a "cousin" to collaborate with on research. Please submit your entries to me, Newsletter Editor at the SOCCGS post office box address on the back of the mailer. The following is an example you might follow, using names I am researching myself currently or on an on-going basis.

Gail Gilbert, (949) 498-6784,

1. GARTON, 1650 Lancaster Co., VA > Orange Co., VA > Christian Co., KY > Buchanan Co., MO > Malheur Co., OR

2. ANGELL, 1650 Lancaster Co., VA

3. BELL, 1680 Lancaster Co., VA

4. GRIFFITH, 1680 Lancaster Co., VA

5. DICKINSON, 1730 Spotsylvania Co., VA > Orange Co., VA > Christian Co., KY

6. KINCAID, 1770 Greenbrier/Augusta Co., VA

7. JESSEE, 1750 Orange (Caswell) Co., NC > Russell Co., VA, > Claiborne Co., TN > Buchanan Co., MO

8. VERMILLION, 1813 Russell Co., VA

9. LEA, 1750 Orange (Caswell) Co., NC > Russell Co., VA

10. GRAVES (GRAFF), 1730 GER > Berks Co., PA >Orange Co., NC > VA > Claiborne Co., TN > Buchanan Co., MO

11. WOODRUFF, 1639 MA > Southampton LI, NY > Elizabethtown, NJ > Washington Co., PA > Buchanan Co., MO

12. OGDEN, 1641 Southampton LI, NY > Elizabethtown, NJ

The Los Angeles Family History Center - Schedule of Classes

Classes have been scheduled for the month of January at The Church of JesusChrist of Latter-Day Saints, 10741 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025. There are on-going classes, both daytime and evening sessions, throughout the year at the center on practically a daily basis and, if you are unable to attend a class, there are audio tapes of previous classes available. For additional information, call (310) 474-9990 or look up their website:

Tue. Jan 4
11:30-1 PM;...German research and script writing and records explained;...Joe Wolfe
2 PM;.............Swedish research;...Nancy Carlberg

Wed. Jan 5
2 PM;.........Overcoming dead ends;...Nancy Carlberg
7 PM;.........Getting started;...Susan Henry

Thu. Jan 6
11 AM;........Jewish genealogy and census class;...Gerry Winerman
1 PM;.........Passenger Lists; New York arrivals 1820-1943;...Wini Schiess
7 PM;.........General genealogy; "Boot Camp" on Military Records;...Jay C. Wood

Fri. Jan 7
2 PM;.........Naturalization reocrds; How to find them;...Elaine Alexander

Sat. Jan 8
1 PM;.........American Indians research;Daniel Bartosz
3 PM;.........Hispanic research methods;...John Schmal

Mon. Jan 10,
11 AM;........Ontario, Canada sources;Bonnie Nichols
1 PM;.........British Isles research;...Don Hirst

Tue. Jan 11

11:30-1 PM;...German genealogy class....also script and records explained;...Joe Wolfe
3:30 PM;.......Secrets to successful research;...Leta Bartholomew
7 PM;..........Cherokee research ..."Red, White and Black";...Charles Meigs

Wed. Jan 12

3 PM;.........LDS records....A rich source of information;...Beverly Stone
7 PM;.........Preparing a research log;...Susan Henry

Thu. Jan 13

11 AM;........African American class...workshop;Melrose Bell;...Eve Savage
1 PM;.........Passenger lists; using 1900 census & Soundex Index 1902-43;...Wini Schiess
7 PM;.........Hispanic research methods;...John Schmal

Fri. Jan 14
11 AM;........Mid-Atlantic states research and Colonial writing;...Margaret Morden

Sat. Jan 15
11 AM;........Danish research and Internet sources;...Mat Klempa
1 PM;.........African American genealogy class;...Charles Meigs
3 PM;.........Nordic class

Tue. Jan 18

11:30-1 PM;...German research....script writing;...Joe Wolfe
5 PM;..............Passenger lists....basics;...Elaine Alexander

Wed.Jan 19
7 PM;.........FHLC - How to use catalog;...Susan Henry

Thu. Jan 20

1 PM;.........Passenger Lists: Hamburg Lists;...Wini Schiess
7 PM;.........General genealogy; Vital V-I-T-A-L records;...Jay C. Wood

Fri. Jan 21

10 AM;........Germans from Russia;Margaret Freeman & Wayne Bonner
2 PM;.........Naturalization records; when all else fails ...try;Elaine Alexander

Sat. Jan 22

1 PM -3 PM;...Internet sources - 2 hour class;...Jon Schweitzer
3:15 PM;......Hispanic research methods;...John Schmal

Tue. Jan 25

11:30-1 PM;...German research and script writing and records;...Joe Wolfe
2 PM;.........Military research - U.S. - where and how to obtain information;...Jon Schweitzer
5 PM;.........Passenger Lists; no index years; 1847-1896; misc. helps;...Elaine Alexander

Wed. Jan 26

5 PM;.........Passenger Lists; more miscellaneous sources;...Elaine Alexander
7 PM;.........PAF - Personal Ancestral File;...Susan Harvey

Thu. Jan 27

11 AM;........DAR...Let's find your Revolutionary War;...Evelyn Wallace
1 PM;...........Passenger Lists;...Morton Allan Directory and Filby's PILI;Wini Schiess
6 PM-8:30 PM;...ANASCA Group;...Charles Meigs

Sat. Jan 29

1 PM;............Polish class;...Paul Lipinski
2:30 PM;......Scottish class;...Sam Gibson

NARA Workshops begin Jan. 13. Call (949) 360-2641 or look up


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